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Covid-19 Updates Kitemana

Our Megastore (NL) and online webshop are up and running. Check here International delivery updates related to coronavirus. Of course we do everything we can to ensure the best possible hygiene, so we take the following measures:

- There are hand Sanitizers on the counter that can be used by customers, of course the staff also use them regularly
- We ask you to pin (as much as possible) and preferably to use Apple Pay. When paying cash, please put money on the counter to avoid physical contact
- We clean the counter and doors several times a day
- For online orders, the standard delivery time applies within NL and Belgium. The postman will ring the doorbell, deliver the package and avoid physical contact. If you need to sign for the package, the postman will ask the last three letters of your name and sign for you.
- Do you have your package delivered to a company? Then check extra carefully whether this company is currently open and whether someone can accept your package.

Last updated: 23-03-2020; 07:56) COVID-19 Update international delivery

Authorities of different European countries apply different measures to "contain" the Covid-19 virus, or coronavirus.

At this moment we still deliver your packages as usual. Although many countries are closing their borders, we are still able to deliver your packages. This excludes countries where we may not be able to deliver due to exceptional government restrictions.

These measures do not apply to the movement of goods, and as a result UPS will continue to provide regular service.

In some countries it is not possible to deliver packages due to the closure of shops or companies. It is also no longer possible to deliver to certain postcodes. This will send the packages back to the sender. Packages not available due to this emergency have one of the following tracking states:

C5 – Emergency

At the request of the government, most stores have been asked to close their doors for the foreseeable future. Please note that this may affect shipping to UPS Access Point ™ locations.

Customers are no longer required to sign for deliveries, except for some special deliveries where there is a contractual obligation to obtain a signature. Unsigned packages use the CV19 code together with the addressee's name (11 characters) as proof of delivery.

Saturday deliveries have been suspended.
Medicina: 40059
Ariano Irpino: 83031
Sala Consilina: 84036
Caggiano: 84030
Polla: 84035
Atena Lucana: 84030
Riccia: 86016
87038 / 87054 /87056

Pick-ups and deliveries are delayed due to local operating conditions in the following zip codes:

Modena: from 41010 to 41126
Genova: from 16010 to 16167

L´Aquila: from 67010 to 67069; 67100

Pick-ups and deliveries have been suspended in the following zipcodes:
Igualada 08700
Santa Margarida de Montbui 08710
Odena 08711
Sant Marti de Tous 08712
Vilanova del Cami 08788

Pick-ups and deliveries have been impacted in the following zip codes:
5611 / 5612 / 5630 / 5632 / 5645
6553 / 6555 / 6561 / 6563 / 6580
6754 / 6762 / 6763 / 6767

Pick-ups and deliveries have been impacted in the following zip codes:
07000 – 07099
07110 – 07999
26110-26190 / 26217 – 26900

For the following postcodes, shipments must be dropped off with pre-printed labels.
41800 – 41899
52000 – 52599

Pick-ups and deliveries have been impacted in the following zip codes:
3880000 – 3880999
3885000 – 3885999

The safety of our employees and customers is very important to us. That is why we have taken additional measures to minimize the risks to which our employees and customers may be exposed. Do you have questions about your order or about the delivery time? Call or email us.

COVID-19: We are fully operational - some shipments may be delayed.