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Ruben Lenten X Kitemana

Ruben Lenten x Kitemana

Hi everyone, brace yourselves for a groundbreaking announcement from the legendary Ruben Lenten, the pioneer of extreme kiteboarding. After an inspiring 20+ years in the world of professional kitesurfing, Ruben's journey takes an exhilarating turn.

From the early days with an orange 7m Naish AR 3.5 to the iconic Fuels and Edges, Ruben has carved his legacy with renowned brands like Slingshot and Ozone, marking a wicked chapter in the history of kitesurfing.

But change is in the wind and Ruben, driven by an immense stoke for the sport, the community and the next generation, is ready for an epic new adventure. We are overjoyed to announce that Ruben Lenten is now ‘officially’ part of the Kitemana family, bringing his unparalleled expertise and passion for kitesurfing to our YouTube channel.

As an independent rider, Ruben sees boundless opportunities to deliver jaw-dropping content, dive into the intricacies of the industry, explore the vibrant kitesurfing scene, and test the most epic gear out there. Picture him scoring epic sessions with his favourite riders, unravelling the secrets of their setups, gear tuning rituals, signature moves, and much more.

The possibilities are limitless, and we invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey. Share your questions, suggestions, and ideas with us – let's make this adventure truly unforgettable.


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