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Neopreen Winter Set Pro ION

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ION Neoprene Winterset Pro

The best you can have made by ION for the winter sessions

With this Neoprene winter Set Pro you are ready to beat the winter. All you have to do is choose your right size and your next kitesurfing session isn"t cold anymore. The set consists of the ION Neo hood 3/2, the ION Claw Glove 3/2 and the ION Ballistic Boot 6/4. Everything you need to keep warm through the winter. Whether your next kit session is cold again is now your choice;)

ION Neo hood 2/1

If you want to stay warm in the winter, it is necessary to keep your head well warm. A neoprene cap is essential. The Neo hood 2 / 1mm from ION is perfect for these cold winter days. The area around your head is 2mm thick and at your neck the neoprene is 1mm thick. At the top of the cap is a visor that ensures that you can easily see your kite with low sun and in this way less water flows over your face.

On the inside of the ION Neo hood 3/2 the seams are provided with elastic waterproof tape so that as little water as possible can get into the hood. At the front the cap has a lid against the sun or so that less water flows over your face. If you are tired of the valve you can fold it up and fasten it with Velcro. Around it is an elastic with which you can close the cap perfectly on your head. There are three small holes at your ears so that you can hear something and you can continue to orient yourself well.

ION Claw glove 3/2

The Claw glove from ION is pre-curved so that you do not have to apply any strength with your hand to hold your bar. This means you get cramp in your hands and forearm less quickly. The ION Claw is made of neoprene with extra high density so that little cold wind can get through the glove. Extra grip on the palm.

ION Ballistic Boots 6/5 IS

If you want to keep your feet warm and want to protect them against, for example, sharp objects under water, then this ION 6/5 Ballistic neoprene surf shoe is the perfect choice. On the inside of the Ballistic boot is an IS, Internal Split, which is a sort of "split-toe" idea that makes you feel better with your board than a neoprene shoe without a split.

The Velcro straps on the instep of the ION Ballistic Boot ensure that your foot stays in the surf shoe. Especially with kitesurfing you slide easily upwards in your shoe because you put a lot of pressure on your heel, the Velcro strap prevents this. Around the heel is a sturdy rubber layer that keeps your heel firmly in place in your Ballistic boot. And in addition, this rubber layer offers extra protection. The sole is made of thick rubber that has been carefully cut out to give the best possible mix between support and flexibility.

The seams on the outside of the ION Ballistic neoprene surf shoe are sealed to minimize the amount of water in the shoe. The inside of the neoprene features a super warm ION Hot Stuff lining.

  • Super warm neoprene winter set
  • Neoprene surf glove
  • Neoprene surf cap
  • Neoprene surf shoes
  • Defeat the winter!

  • Boots/Shoe Size Indicator ION

    Euro USA UK Approx. Footlength
    36 5 4 22,5cm
    37 6 5 23,5cm
    38 - 39 7 6 24,5cm
    40 - 41 8 7 25,5cm
    42 9 8 26,0cm
    43 - 44 10 9 27,0cm
    45 - 46 11 10 28,0cm
    47 - 48 12 11 29,0cm

    Size chart ION Surf gloves

    Size Circumference around knuckles in CM
    XXS 16.5 - 18
    XS 18.1 - 19.5
    S 21.1 - 22.5
    M 21.1 - 22.5
    L 22.6 - 24
    XL 24.6 - 25.5
     Size chart ION Surf gloves

    Size chart ION Surfcap

    Size Inner circle in cm
    S 54 - 58
    M 56 - 60
    L 58 - 61
    XL 60 - 62

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