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Cabrinha makes fantastic kites of high quality. The kite brand has been on the road for a number of years and continues to improve itself time and time again. Cabrinha kites are at the top of the ladder when it comes to user-friendliness, control and durability. Cabrinha today has a very wide range of kitesurf kites. Kitemana is the largest Cabrinha kites dealer from Europe and we can tell you all about these kites with passion if you have a question about one or more Cabrinha Kites. Read more »

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Intro Kite Cabrinha

Cabrinha makes fantastic kites of high quality. The kite brand has been on the road for a number of years and continues to improve itself time and time again. Cabrinha kites are at the top of the ladder when it comes to user-friendliness, control and durability. Cabrinha today has a very wide range of kitesurf kites. Kitemana is the largest Cabrinha kites dealer from Europe and we can tell you all about these kites with passion if you have a question about one or more Cabrinha Kites. Read more »

Cabrinha Kiteboarding Kite Online Kopen

Are you looking to buy a new Cabrinha kite? You've landed on the right page. Cabrinha is one of the most popular kite brands, offering a variety of kite models suitable for every rider and discipline. Ordering Cabrinha kites online is a safe bet, as this brand ensures quality and reliability. Cabrinha updates its kite models each year to incorporate the latest technologies and the finest materials. Cabrinha kites are known for their high quality and consistently rank among the top in the kitesurfing market.

At Kitemana, we have almost all Cabrinha kites in stock. If the specific type or size you're looking for is not available, feel free to contact us, and we'll do everything we can to arrange the kite for you.

Cabrinha Kiteboarding Kite collectie

As written above, Cabrinha offers a very extensive range of kites, each with a specific character and the best features tailored to a particular discipline. Despite the differences, you can always feel that you have a Cabrinha kite in your hands. The kites are familiar and provide a quick learning curve. Cabrinha kites are extremely safe and offer the best quality. They are easy to relaunch and have a wide wind range. It's no wonder that these kites are among the top in the market. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or even a pro, Cabrinha undoubtedly has a suitable kite for you.

Cabrinha Moto X Kite
The Cabrinha Moto X kite is the all-around kite in the Cabrinha family. The Moto X is designed for riders seeking versatile, predictable flying performance. With three struts, it is lighter than, for example, the Cabrinha Switchblade (5 struts). Its shape makes it suitable for every type of rider and a wide range of conditions. The Cabrinha Moto X is an all-around kite suitable for most disciplines in the sport: Freeride, Big Air, Surf, and foil kitesurfing. This versatile Freeride/Cross-over kite feels light and offers precise power delivery and steering behavior. The lighter weight, thanks to the unique Lite Frame, and the quick response of the Moto X ensure that the kite performs exceptionally well even in the most challenging wind conditions.

Cabrinha Switchblade Kite
For years, the Cabrinha Switchblade kite has been one of the most popular models in the current kite lineup. This is a big air, freeride kite suitable for all conditions and catering to 90% of kiters. It is designed for the discerning rider who values a predictable bar feel and a good low- and high-end performance. The Switchblade is designed for riders seeking power, performance, and refinement. The reputation of the Switchblade is primarily built on satisfied customers and numerous world titles, such as the fastest kiter in the world (2010), King of the Air (2017), and the world's highest jump (2018). What sets the Cabrinha Switchblade apart is its remarkable ease of flight, making it suitable for beginners to advanced kiters.

Cabrinha FX2 Kite
Are you hooked on freestyle moves and eager to unhook, jump, and perform kiteloops? Then the Cabrinha FX kite is definitely for you! The FX kite is specially designed for kitesurfers addicted to freestyle and big kiteloops. The Cabrinha FX kite is highly responsive and rides just as easily hooked in as unhooked. The kite provides a direct pop and explosive power build-up, giving you power for all your tricks. The kite has a hybrid shape that sits between a C and Bow kite, offering the benefits of both worlds. This means you get an explosive kite with sufficient depower and excellent relaunch capabilities.

Cabrinha Drifter Kite
The Cabrinha Drifter is a kite from Cabrinha that feels right at home in the waves. The surf discipline is becoming increasingly popular among kiters, and we see this reflected in the popularity of the Cabrinha Drifter. The Drifter is specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves and strapless surf freestyle. This kite has the ability to turn its power on and off instantly. Its significant depower and excellent drift make the Drifter a winner on the surfboard. Whether you're enjoying a down-the-line surf or throwing in a few jumps with your strapless surfboard, the Drifter handles it with ease. It's a highly responsive kite with quick steering and very easy relaunch.

Cabrinha Nitro Kite
If big air kitesurfing and riding overpowered are your things, then the Cabrinha Nitro is worth considering. This unique 5-strut kite features an open profile, providing unparalleled hangtime, a broad wind range, and a mega-stable frame. The Nitro doesn't shy away from kiteloops either. Thanks to its gradual pull, you can easily practice megaloops and even experiment with rotations and other tricks. If you're in search of a high-performance big air kite, the Cabrinha Nitro is perfect for you.

Cabrinha Contra Kite
Do you want to be the first one on the water and can't be kept away from it? Then the Contra is definitely a great addition to your kite quiver. The Cabrinha Contra boasts the best low-end among all Cabrinha kites. The Contra is available with either one strut or three struts. It provides excellent park & ride power. Kitesurfing in light wind is no fun for almost anyone, especially on those days when your twelve-meter kite doesn't quite offer enough power on the water. For these days, Cabrinha has developed a light wind monster. The Cabrinha Contra kite comes in sizes 13m, 15m, 17m, and 19m, suitable for almost no wind to a light breeze.

Cabrinha kiteboarding kite techologie

The talented team at Cabrinha consistently improves their kites each year. Cabrinha is a motivated and innovative brand that always strives for the best of the best. Below, we'll briefly discuss the materials and techniques that Cabrinha uses in its kites. Cabrinha uses three different frames: the Apex Frame, Lite Frame, and the Hybrid Frame. Each frame has its own advantages and is applied in various kites by Cabrinha.

Cabrinha Hybrid Frame
The Hybrid Frame is a blend of two different materials that, when combined, create an extra rigid frame. Additionally, by using the stiffer and 12.5% lighter HTD Lite material in the struts, the struts can twist for more responsiveness from the kite. Thanks to this frame, the kite will turn faster and feel more direct. The stiffer frame enhances the kite's stability in stronger winds, expanding its wind range. Kites such as the Cabrinha Switchblade, Cabrinha Contra Aether, and the Cabrinha FX2 have been developed with the Hybrid Frame.

Cabrinha Lite Frame
In the kites featuring Cabrinha's Lite Frame, only the exclusive HTD Lite material is used in the leading edge and struts. Pat Goodman, with this stiffer and 12.5% lighter new material, has been able to push the performance, making the kite not only turn faster but also more durable and stronger. Thanks to the lighter material, the low-end is improved, and the kite feels much more direct. Kites with the Lite Frame include the Cabrinha Moto X, Cabrinha Drifter, and the Cabrinha Contra.

Cabrinha Apex Frame
The Apex Frame is made based on Ultra HT and is currently only used in the Cabrinha Nitro. The material is lighter in weight and incredibly resistant to stretch, allowing the kite to react faster. In combination with the patented coating, Cabrinha guarantees maximum durability while taking your skills to the next level. This unique frame ensures a longer lifespan, quickly returning to its original shape after kiteloops, and remains incredibly stable in the air even during the strongest gusts of wind.

Power Control
You can tweak every Cabrinha kite to your liking to adjust how much power the kite provides. Each pigtail at the back of the kite has three different adjustment options, allowing you to customize the kite to your preference. The middle position is the factory-recommended position. If you want more power, you can connect the knot closest to the kite. If you prefer less power or it's windier, you can attach the knot closer to the rider. Super handy!

Sprint Airlock Valve
For years, the Cabrinha inflation valve has been one of the most user-friendly on the market. This Sprint inflation system is the most efficient and easy way to quickly inflate and deflate your kite. The Cabrinha Airlock valve directs air to all struts from a single point. The Airlock connection is compatible with any pump, eliminating the need for extra adapters. Once inflated, you can lock each strut individually, providing added safety if your kite accidentally loses air somewhere. This way, there's always air in your Cabrinha Kite. When your kite session is over, the entire kite will deflate in seconds.


Cabrinha Kiteboarding bars

In addition to kites, Cabrinha also makes fine, high-quality bars. The bars are also made from the best materials and have the latest features. Cabrinha has different types of bars in its range, such as the Cabrinha C.O.S. Overdrive Trimlite Bar or the Cabrinha Quickloop Overdrive Trimlite Bar. Cabrinha uses PU-covered power lines, Biobased dyneema lines and auto swivel in its bars. All bars are four lines and have a low V split. If you have any questions about the kites, bars or any of Cabrinha's accessories, please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, email, telephone or visit our megastore in Noordwijk.

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