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Naish kiteboarding has its roots deep in the kitesurf industry. Naish has a reputation to keep up with the best quality kiteboards every year. And every year Naish knows how to surprise us with a super good kiteboard line with kiteboards like the legendary Monarch. Besides kiteboard twintips of the highest quality, Naish produces directional surfboards for kitesurfing. Robby Naish prefers to play in the waves all day, so the directionals have a high priority at Naish. Our own Jalou Langeree shows that the Naish Global is a true winner when it comes to competition wave kite surfing. View here our range of Naish twintip kiteboards, directional surfboards and hydrofoils. Do you have questions about Naish's kiteboards or directionals? Then contact us via telephone, email or WhatsApp. Read more. »

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Traverse 2021 S25 Kiteboard
Traverse 2021 S25 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €359.00
Hero 2021 Kiteboard
Hero 2021 KiteboardNaish
499.00 €299.00
Drive 2021 Kiteboard
Drive 2021 KiteboardNaish
899.00 €539.00
Orbit 2021 Kiteboard
Orbit 2021 KiteboardNaish
649.00 €389.00
Drive 2020 Kiteboard
Drive 2020 KiteboardNaish
899.00 €449.00
Motion 2020 Kiteboard
Motion 2020 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €299.00
Skater 2021 Surfboard
Skater 2021 SurfboardNaish
999.00 €699.00
Switch 2021 Kiteboard
Switch 2021 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €359.00
Switch 2020 Kiteboard
Switch 2020 KiteboardNaish
599.00 €299.00
Monarch 2021 Kiteboard
Monarch 2021 KiteboardNaish
699.00 €419.00
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The kiteboards, directional surfboards and hydrofoils from Naish are of true top quality. We are proud to sell the entire Naish kiteboarding line. We have tested all Naish kiteboarding gear ourselves and are ready to provide you with the best advice. For questions you can always contact us. To inform yourself as well, you can find more information about the twintip, kiteboards, surfboards and directionals from Naish kiteboarding on this page. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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  • Naish Kiteboarding kiteboard technology

    Naish Kiteboarding kiteboard twintips

    The kiteboard twintips from Naish are among the best kiteboards you can find on the kiteboard market. World class riders like King of the Air Kevin Langeree and Ewan Jaspan rely on best quality kiteboards from Naish every day and during the most challenging conditions. Naish has developed a special kiteboard for every level kitesurfer and every kitesurfing style. We understand that choosing the right kiteboard can be complicated, which is why we have made an overview below of the kiteboards and surfboards from Naish so that you can make the best choice. For questions about the Naish kiteboards and surfboard directionals you can always contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp.

    Naish Monarch kiteboard

    The Naish Monarch has been Kevin Langeree's first choice for years. Freestyle, freeride or big air, with the Naish Monarch can do it all. The Naish Monarch is a kiteboard with a carbon construction which makes the kiteboard super stiff and feels incredibly direct. Because of the thick channels along the entire length of the Monarch you have a huge amount of grip so you can keep your edge at high speed and shoot into the air! All information about the crazy Naish Monarch can be read here.

    Naish Stomp kiteboard

    The Naish Stomp is the wakestyle / freestyle kiteboard from Naish. Triple S winner Ewan Jaspan is closely involved in the development of this board. The thick rocker and little flex make it possible that the Stop has an explosive pop. The wakestyle rocker ensures that your landings are soft after high jumps or unhooked tricks. The aggressive wakestyle kitesurfer can ride the Naish Stop with boots for even more wakestyle performance. The deep channels in the tips give you maximum control at your take off. View the wakestyle weapon of Naish the Stomp here.

    Naish Drive kiteboard

    The Naish Drive is similar to the Naish Motion in terms of shape, but the construction is different. The Naish Drive is a high performance freeride board with a carbon construction. The lightest kiteboard in the twintip range from Naish. The Drive is suitable for the intermediate to advanced kite surfer. Because of the carbon construction, the Naish Drive has little flex and the kiteboard feels very direct. The freeride rocker of the Naish Drive means that you can easily ride through the chop. Read all the information about the Naish Drive here.

    Naish Motion kiteboard

    The Motion is a wonderful freeride kiteboard. The perfect choice if you are have just outgrown the beginner level and start with your first jumps. An all-rounder. By the average flex and freeride rocker you go through the choppy water as if it were nothing. The channels in the tail give you control and grip at high speed and when you are setting up for your jump or unhooked trick. The Naish Motion has a woodcore construction. View the full description of the Naish Motion here.

    Naish Hero kiteboard

    The Naish Hero is designed to make the beginning of kitesurfing as easy as possible. Naish achieved that by adjusting a few essential aspects of the outline. The Hero has a large surface with flat rocker which makes the Naish Hero easy to ride. In addition, the flat rocker ensures that you will easily get upwind. With the flex of the Hero you easily go through the chop. Read all about this wonderful all-round kiteboard, the Naish Hero, here.

    Naish Alana kiteboard

    The kiteboard from Naish for the awesome kitesurfing women, the Alana. An all round freeride board for freestyle, freeride and to play between the waves. The outline, the flex pattern and dimensions of the board like the stance are specially designed for lighter and somewhat smaller kite surfers. The medium rocker is the perfect mix of a direct feeling with a forgiving character. Check the Naish Alana kiteboard here.

    Naish Orbit kiteboard

    Low wind? No problem. Naish has the solution with the Naish Orbit. The Naish Orbit wants nothing more than to ride with as little wind as possible. Because of the large surface and special light wind rocker, the Naish Orbit is a kiteboard with little resistance and quick riding. On the heelside, the Naish Orbit has an extra fin to lose as little height as possible in conditions with little wind and to gain it easier. Read the full description of the Naish Orbit here.

    Naish Kiteboarding kitesurf directional surfboards

    Robby Naish himself loves nothing more than kite surfing on his directional surfboard. You will rarely see him kiting on a twintip. It is therefore not surprising that the surfboards from Naish are designed with extreme passion and attention and are of super good quality. The surfboard range of Naish consists of three boards, with which everyone is covered and the choice is made easy. Below, the surfboards of Naish are briefly described and you can find a link to the extensive product description. Do you have a question about the Naish directional surfboards? Then you can of course always ask us.

    Naish Global surfboard directional

    The Naish Global is a performance wave surf directional surboard for kitesurfing. What this means is that the Global is made to ride fast and hard. So, a lot of speed on the wave and hard turns meant for the most challenging waves and more advanced wave drivers. The Global gives you confidence in the most violent circumstances. The double bamboo sandwich deck keeps the board light and strong. . Read all about the Naish Global here.

    Naish Skater surfboard directional

    The Naish Skater is very responsive and snappy. The ultimate board for kite surfers who want to defy the waves in different conditions. If you are just starting with wave riding, a compact directional like the Skater is a bit easier if you are used to a twintip. The compact shape also makes the Naish Skater very suitable for performing strapless freestyle. The Naish Skater has a thruster setup for grip and manoeuvrability. Check the Naish Skater here.

    Naish Go To surfboard directional

    The Naish Go To is an all-round surfboard that lets you sail super easy, regardless of the conditions. The GoTo will quickly become your favorite board to ride strapless. Compared to the global, the Go To is slightly wider and has a straighter rocker. This allows the Go-To to plan easily and get you upwind without a problem. The Double bamboo sandwich deck is very strong and keeps the board light. All information about the Naish Go To can be found here.

    Naish Kiteboarding kiteboard technology

    Making a good kitesurfboard is a matter of research into the best techniques, designs and many tests. The boards of Naish are full of the smartest techniques to make the kiteboards and surfboards of a quality that you can expect from an A brand like Naish. Below you can find a short overview of various features and techniques in the surf and kiteboards of Naish.

    Naish Kiteboarding kiteboard flex patterns (twintip)

    The amount of flex that is in a board is the degree of flexibility of your board. For example, a board with a lot of flex is very flexible and a board with little flex is super stiff. This gives certain riding characteristics per flex type to your kiteboard. Naish has made the layout from 'Low Flex' to 'High Flex'. The kiteboards with a lot of flex ride smoothly, comfortably and are forgiving, a kiteboard from Naish with a lot of flex is the Naish Hero. Kiteboards with a medium flex are dynamic and have an all-round character. An example of a medium flex kiteboard is the Naish motion. Kiteboards from Naish with little flex rode with a lot of power and are very direct. An example of this is the Naish Monarch.

    Naish Kiteboarding kiteboard rocker The rocker in a kiteboard is the degree of curvature of the kiteboard. The more rocker a kiteboard has, the more curved it is. Naish has a number of rocker profiles that are divided into different boards. There is a wakestyle rocker, freestyle rocker, freeride rocker and light wind rocker. The wakestyle rocker has the greatest curvature in the board. The wakestyle rocker ensures that you can easily sail through the chop, have thick pop and smooth landings. An example of a Naish kiteboard with wakestyle rocker is the Naish Stomp. The freestyle rocker makes your kiteboard powerful, fast with aggressive pop and a playful character. The Naish Monarch is an example of a Naish kiteboard with a freestyle rocker. With a freeride rocker you easily go through the chop and give the board a forgiving character with a very stable riding style. The Naish Hero is a board in which Naish has used a freeride rocker. The lightwind rocker is the most flat rocker that is available for good height and quick planning and easy upwind characteristics. The only board with a light wind rocker in the kiteboard range from Naish is the Orbit

    Naish FTC2.0 Naish FTC 2.0 stands for Flex Torsion Control. This is already the second and improved version of the FTC. The Flex Torsion Control can be found on some of Naish's kiteboards and can be recognized by the type of cross in the top of the kiteboard. The FTC 2.0 system provides optimized stiffness in all axles to prevent torsion, making it a board with more control.