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Magma 5/4/3 Frontzip Hooded 2021 Wetsuit Manera

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Manera Meteor Magma Wetsuit 5/4/3 Hooded Frontzip

Extraordinary warm, waterproof, comfortable Manera Wetsuit

The Meteor Magma Hooded Frontzip is made of Triplex MAGMA consisting of Magma+ Fleece, X10D Jersey Recycled Neoprene, Air Foam Neoprene and Re-Flex Skin. First of all, the new Magma Fleece+ is incorporated because it has great thermal and quick-drying properties. The Magma+ can be found on all parts of the wetsuit except for the arms because you want more flexibility there for optimal freedom of movement. The Magma+ Fleece dries 30% faster than a classic fleece, which means you never have to put on a wet wetsuit again. A final advantage of the Magma + Fleece is that the structure features a low density, making it 10% lighter than a classic fleece with the result that it dries quickly and absorbs little water.

The inner lining is in direct contact with the skin and is therefore a key part of the wetsuit. This is made from Recycled X10D, which offers maximum stretch, lightness and a soft feel. The Air Foam neoprene is a very light type of neoprene made from limestone as Manera believes that a light wetsuit lead to the best comfort and durability. It provides perfect insulation to keep you warm even during the coldest winter days. Finally, the top layer of Triplex Magma consists of the Re-Flex Skin which is focused on achieving exceptional stretch. It is extremely flexible, durable and UV proof.

The seams of Meteor Magma Hooded are first glued together for three times and then blind stitched (the needle does not go completely through the neoprene). Then the SD2 Tape 2.0 is welded to the seam by an air heater machine. This innovative process gives the wetsuit more durability, waterproofness and flexibility. At the back of the knees, a Back Knee Emboss has been designed that promotes the knees to bend more naturally for greater comfort. In addition, the Water Strainer, a leaky and perforated neoprene panel at the bottom of your legs, ensures that water easily leaves the wetsuit so that no accumulations of water occur.

Manera uses a computer 3D design technique to create the ideal fit. As a result, they design a high quality wetsuit that naturally fits the body. The zipper on the front of the Meteor Magma promotes this perfect fit to the body even more. At the arms, the different layers of neoprene are fused together to make it thinner and more aesthetic. The sealing prints on the arms have two functions: it blocks the water near the legs and arms and also keeps the wetsuit in place better on the arms and legs.

  • Manera Meteor Magma Hooded 5/4/3
  • Front Zip
  • Triplex Magma: Magma Fleece +, Air Foam, Recylced Jersey X10D, Re-flex skin
  • Fusion Cut
  • SD2 Tape 2.0
  • Back Knee Emboss
  • Water Strainer
  • Sealing prints
  • Includes Phantom ankle straps
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    Manera Meteor Magma Wetsuit
    Manera Meteor Magma Wetsuit

  • Wetsuit Size Indicator Manera Men

    Size Height in cm Chest in cm Waist in cm Hip in cm Average weight in kg
    XS 160 - 172 88 - 94 68 - 76 88 - 94 60
    S 164 - 176 91 - 97 71 - 79 90 - 96 64
    M 172 - 183 97 - 103 76 - 84 94 - 100 72
    ML 175 - 185 100 - 106 80 - 88 97 - 103 75
    L 177 - 187 103 - 109 84 - 102 100 - 106 80
    XL 179 - 190 107 - 114 88 - 96 103 - 109 85
    XXL 182 - 192 110 - 118 90 - 100 104 - 112 90

    note: not all wetsuits are available in all sizes

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