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Majestic 2019 Harness 10 out of 10 1 user reviews.

Majestic 2019 harness

All-round hardshell harness

The Majestic 2019 harness is designed with a specific body mapping to provide stiff horizontal support. This harness is equipped with a fiberglass shell, compared to its more expensive, carbon brother (Majestic X). The glass fibers are made up of several layers. Thanks to the specific fiber orientation, the wings can bend diagonally.

The new Majestic 2019 has IV-FOAM. This so-called Intelligent Visco-elastic foam adapts completely to the shape of your body and offers maximum comfort. The IV foam also ensures that the harness stays in place better. The Majestic 2019 is equipped with an improved battle belt 2.0 and removable hp-system. You can ride the Majestic 2019 with clickerbar, stealthbar or surf spreaderbar.

  • Majestic harness 2019
  • Hardshell
  • Knitflex
  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fix Foam
  • Battle belt 2.0: soft neoprene edges, new velcro, slim design, knife pocket
  • Flex covers
  • HP system with reinforced guide holes
  • Key pocket 2.0: key with mini buckle
  • New colors
  • Improved design

    Majestic 2019 harness Majestic 2019 harness Majestic 2019 harness Majestic 2019 harness

  • Majestic 2019 Harness Rating: 10 out of 10 Josha van der Horst 2019-03-26
    Josha van der Horst
    Josha van der Horst
    26 March 2019 on 09:22

    Heerlijke trapeze met glasvezel shell. Hierdoor heeft hij net iets meer flex dan de Majestic X, wat ik persoonlijk best fijn vind. Hij biedt een zeer goede steun in de rug en blijft perfect op zijn plek zitten. Let wel op dat de maat goed aansluit op je lichaam.

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