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Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitMystic

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Mystic Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit

Warmth, style and flexibility come together in the Mystic Majestic 2020

A warm wetsuit is nice, but a warm and flexible wetsuit is what you want. The Mystic Majestic 2020 frontzip has this luxury. You can use the Mystic Majestic 2020 almost for the whole year. In addition to the wonderful wearing comfort, the Mystic Majestic also has a cool design.

The Mystic Majestic 5/3 2020 with front zip is made of super flexible M-Flex 2.0 neoprene. In addition, the new knitflex material has been used at some place, making the Majestic even smoother. On the inside, the Mystic Majestic 2020 has a warm Flaremesh lining on the chest and back. A Fox Fleece lining is applied to the lower body. All seams are provided with a flexible waterproof tape to minimize water ingress into the Majestic wetsuit and to minimize heat loss through the seams.

This Mystic Majestic 5/3 uses a front zip system. This system allows the wetsuit to fit around your body perfectly and ensures that as little water as possible can enter the wetsuit. An aquaflush system is built in at the ankles. Through this system, water that flows into your suit can easily flow out of the wetsuit during kitesurfing. This means that you no longer suffer from a large accumulation of water at your calves. The knees are reinforced with a hex-tech material to increase the life of the wetsuit.

  • 5/3 mm neoprene
  • Zipper on the chest
  • Waterproof tape
  • M-Flex 2.0 neoprene
  • GBS
  • New knitflex
  • Aquaflush
  • Keypocket
  • Fox Fleece and Flaremesh lining

    Mystic Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
    Mystic Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit

  • Erik
    6 November 2018 on 08:56

    Very flexible and warm wetsuit. I use it for kitesurfing and normal surfing. Never cold! Thanks guys!

    20 June 2018 on 19:50

    I received this mystic fullsuit for a test. My old neoprene is very defective and I need a new one anyway. That's where this one comes in. This fullsuit is a very good and warm neoprene for colder days. I couldn't test it in water because it's way too warm for the summer. I think the best time is autumn and winter. But I can still say something about the workmanship, the design, the fitting and the quality.
    when unpacking it smelled pleasant and not chemical, just like a neoprene has to smell :) The entry success from above through what I think is normally large opening. That is so with this neoprene because you do not close it at the back but over a neoprene neck cuff which comes from behind then in front with an about 30 cm very robust zipper closes. This neoprene fits very well, I would have preferred to have taken a size bigger. But everyone should decide for themselves according to their personal feelings. The quality of all seams, applications and attached things looks very high. The design is very cool with the black, yellow, grey. I personally like it very much. Since the brand Mystic is not unknown to me, my decision to buy will probably fall on this fullsuit.

    18 June 2018 on 09:57

    My previous wetsuit was a 100 Euro back-zipped suit that served me well for a couple of years until the material around the back zipper broke down. The choice for a frontzipper therefore seemed an obvious one.

    Using Mystic's size table, the M-size on paper is a perfect fit. To get into the suit for the first time at home was rather hard to be honest, but of course this will become easier over time. However, taking it off became a bit of a nightmare as I simply couldn't! Admittedly it was a warm day and I was dry, but there was nobody home to assist me and for a moment I sincerely thought I was going to have to use a pair of scissors! After taking a rest I finally succeeded but concluded I wasn't going to try to put it back on once more.

    I gotta say, the quality of materials and manufacturing is absolutely superb. It is by far the best looking and feeling suit I ever had my hands on!

    Also I was impressed that despite my struggle to take it off, using all my force, the suit did not crack at all.

    After trying out a same-sized (M) Majestic back zipper I decided I was going to stick with that, but to anyone going for the frontzipper I would recommend to also consider trying a larger size.

    3 June 2018 on 08:08

    It was for my for a new wetsuit. Because Mystic is well known A brand, I chose the mystic majestic fullsuit front zip. Although I am used to the classic black wetsuit, I like the colours and design and it looks good. But off course it’s all about warmth. Because of the front-zip I am perfectly sure it will keep me warmer than my previous suit. Unfortunately, there has been no wind, so I have not been able to test it yet in the water.
    The front-zip is also new to me and the first time I took me some more efforts to take it on and off. But I managed it without help and I am sure the second times it will go smoother.
    There also some nice additional pockets which can be handy for bringing on a small key. Nice product and I definitely recommend the suit.

    1 June 2018 on 21:03

    To be honest - the price is of course very high but I have to say that
    i have nothing to complain about this suit. First it was kinda tricky to get into that suit because it does not has a Back-Zip. To get better into this suit there is a trick - take a bag and pull it over your hands and feet so it slides better. The Suit itselfs has a very good quality and a very good fitting. It looks good and it's pretty warm in it and you nearly don't feel the cold water. So if you have the money and you are looking for a good Wetsuit, this is a good choice.

    Size chart Mystic Wetsuits Men

    Size Height in cm Chest in cm Waist in cm
    XS 164 - 169 85 - 89 70 - 75
    S 170 - 175 89 - 94 75 - 80
    ST 179 - 185 89 - 94 75 - 80
    MS 170 - 175 94 - 99 80 - 85
    M 176 - 182 94 - 99 80 - 85
    MT 185 - 191 94 - 99 80 - 85
    LS 176 - 182 99 - 104 85 - 90
    L 182 - 188 99 - 104 85 - 90
    LT 189 - 195 99 - 104 85 - 90
    XL 186 - 196 104 - 111 90 - 96
    XLT 193 - 203 104 - 111 90 - 96
    XXL 188 - 196 104 - 111 90 - 96
    XXXL 190 - 198 119 - 103 -

    Note: not alle wetsuits are available in all wetsuit sizes

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