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Neopreen Winter Set Pro 10 out of 10 1 user reviews.

Mystic Neoprene Winter Set Pro

Super warm neoprene wetsuit set

The winter is cold. But how cold you are is up to you. With this Mystic neoprene winter set pro you have the best. The best neoprene gloves, shoes and cap. The very best extension to your wetsuit for the winter. The set includes the Mystic lightning boots, pre curved gloves and legend cap.

Mystic Lightning Boots 5mm

Extremely warm neoprene shoes with split-toe for more feeling. The Lightning boots are stitched and provided with a thick glue seam so that little water can enter. The inside is made of extra warm plus. Thanks to the thin sole and split you have an optimal board feeling.

Mystic Pre curved gloves 3mm

The pre-curved shape of these neoprene gloves ensures that you get cramp in your hands less quickly when you have to hold your bar with gloves. On the palm an extra grip layer is applied and the thickness of the flexible 50 M-flex neoprene is 3 mm.

Mystic Legend Hood 3mm

The Legend hood is the hottest surfcap in the collection. 3mm thick, high quality 2.0 M-flex neoprene. The seams are taped on the inside. And this inside is provided with quick-drying lining.

  • Wetsuit gloves
  • Wetsuit shoes
  • Wetsuit cap
  • Special offer

    Mystic neoprene winter set

  • Neopreen Winter Set Pro Rating: 10 out of 10 P. Noorlander 2018-11-08
    P. Noorlander
    P. Noorlander
    8 November 2018 on 09:01

    Hele goede winterset! Ik heb deze in combinatie met een Voltage Sweat. Denk dat ik het nooit meer koud ga krijgen.

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