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Neoprene Winter SetMystic

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Mystic Gloves & Boots Winterset

A complete set of neoprene accessories for the winter months

Sadly it can't be nice weather all the time. For example in our own country, the Netherlands, isn't famous for their white beaches and warm temperatures. Yet the harsh conditions in the Netherlands are super for kiting. Which kiter doesn't like a big autumn storm? But of course, it's important to protect yourself against the cold. The feeling temperature can drop rapidly while kitesurfing. This Mystic neoprene winterset ensures that you are ready for any cold day!

Mystic Star Neoprene Surf Shoes

The Dutch surf brand Mystic knows better than anyone how to protect your hands and feet from the cold. These Star Boots are made out of 5mm thick neoprene and warm enough to handle the lowest temperatures. They are nice and thick so that your feet stay warm, but the thinner top ensures that you get enough freedom of movement in the ankles. The seams are stitched and glued for a watertight connection. Really lovely shoes to conquer the cold winter.

Mystic Merino Neoprene Gloves

Your hands may endure the most when it gets cold. These Merino gloves from Mystic have a perfect fit and they are made of flexible M-Flex neoprene so you remain a good 'bar-feeling' while kitesurfing. They have velcro straps so you can close them well around your wrists to prevent water from entering so easily. The Merino Gloves have a Merino Wool lining, which is very warm and offers a great insolation.

Mystic Cold Hood

When really want to kite during the winter, then a surf cap is necessary. This Mystic Cold Hood keeps your ears and head warm and protects you from the a wind and cold water. The 3mm thick cap fits well on the shape of your head and has a flap that fits under your wetsuit. A lovely cap, now for 19 euros to order with this winter set.

  • Neoprene accessories set
  • Suitable for kite surfing
  • Mystic Star surf shoes
  • Mystic Star gloves

  • D Panne
    D Panne
    2 November 2018 on 13:22

    Gisteren voor het eerst de winterset geprobeerd en al is het nog niet heel erg koud zit alles comfortabel. Alle drie de items zijn van goede kwaliteit, ik ben klaar voor de winter!

    9 October 2018 on 10:57

    Top setje voor de winter, laat die kou maar komen ;-)

    Sizechart Mystic Star Glove

    Handspan measured from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.
    Size CM
    XS 16,5 - 17,8
    S 17,8 - 19,1
    M 19,1 - 20,3
    L 20,3 - 21,6
    XL 21,6 - 22,9

    Shoe and boot Size Indicator Mystic

    USA Men UK Men EUR
    13 ½ 13 31
    1-2 1 32-33
    3 2 34
    4 3 35 - 36
    5 4 37
    6 - 7 5 - 6 38 - 39
    7 ½ 6 ½ 40
    8 – 8 ½ 7 ½ - 8 41 - 42
    9 ½ 9 43
    10 - 11 10 – 10 ½ 44 - 45
    12 11 46
    13 12 - 13 47 - 48
    14 14 49

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