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Drive 2021 Kiteboard Naish

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Naish Drive 2021 S25 Kiteboard

High-Performance Freeride carbon construction for intermediate to advanced riders by Naish

The Naish Drive 2021 is a lively and light weight Freeride kiteboard for intermediate to advanced riders. Due to is carbon construction it is strong, direct and offers enough comfort to have a great session! The channels at the bottom of the Naish Drive provide extra grip and control, so you can go as fast as you want and aim for your perfect takeoff. The Naish Drive 2021 is great for riders, that like to mix it up a bit and prefer that extra bit of performance to do some Big Air boosting, occasional unhooked tricks and also enjoy cruising up and down the spot.

For the S25 range, Naish has developed a new deck shape and new tips for the Naish Drive 2021. The new top deck shape provides a more balanced and optimized flex pattern throughout the whole board. This makes the board more comfortable, but also more direct at the same time. This supported by the new tips, that absorb the chop and make riding in rough conditions a walk in the park.

The Naish Drive 2021 has a wood core and features two layers of carbon, that save a lot of weight and add a lot of stiffness. Therefore, with the Naish Drive 2021 you can boost higher than before. You kick down hard on your back foot and the stiff carbon construction translates this straight into upward energy and you take off. While in the sky, you will feel the lightweight construction, which makes it easy to practice your board offs. The wood core still offers enough flex, to give a fun and playful ride. In combination with its medium Freeride rocker and the new tips, it offers a smooth ride through the chop.

The Naish Drive 2021 has centered inserts. This allows you to turn your toe-side edge into your new heel-side edge by spinning the pads & straps around. This is a great feature as it will increase the lifetime of your board immensely.
The corners of the Naish Drive are designed to be extra robust and release the board out of the water easily. This makes it a good board to travel with and enhances your takeoff.

If you are looking for a high performance all-round Freeride board with a responsive and lively feel, a great flex pattern and super strong carbon construction, the Naish Drive 2021 should be on your list! Add the best pads & straps on the market – the new Naish Apex 2021 for the perfect riding experience! Features
  • Naish Drive 2021 S25 Kiteboard
  • New Top Deck Shape
  • New 5.0 cm IXEF Fins
  • Carbon Construction
  • Light weight
  • Freeride Rocker
  • Flex Torsion Control
  • Low Flex
  • Centered inserts
  • Sizes 134, 138 and 142x42.5
  • Including fins and grab handle

    Naish Drive 2021 S25 Kiteboard
    Naish Drive 2021 S25 Kiteboard

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