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Hover 2019 Foil Kiteboard Naish

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Naish Hover 2019 Foil Kiteboard

From beginner to Expert!

The Naish Hover foil board line up is extremely versatile and offers a foil for every foil kiter. This year Naish comes with 6 different sizes of foil boards. All boards of top quality, designed to last.

Naish Hover 112cm & 127cm: Expert Foil

The smallest variants of foil boards are suitable for experienced foil kite surfers. These small 2019 Hover boards have very little volume, making it lot more difficult. The board can also dive a lot faster with a small mistake. These boards are super snappy and playful and offer superior control in the sharp cornering. You can easily ride the board strapless. If you have mastered foil kitesurfing, you definitely do not want anything else!

Naish Hover 130: Expert Foil

The Naish Hover 2019 130 Foil is the perfect way to lift your foil skills to a higher level. A flat middle section with rounded edges provides early and forgiving sailing behavior to help launch. The nose section, which changes into a V-bottom and raised nose, even reduces the risk of diving.

Naish Hover 145: High Speed ​​Foil

The Naish Hover 2019 145cm is designed to push your limits of speed, thanks to its slim and narrow shape. The precise, CNC-cut, closed cell core is packaged in lightweight, fiberglass with high tensile strength and offers excellent strength with minimal weight. Its flat, straight rocker and bevelled rails provide excellent stability at higher speeds. Even overpowerd foiling is possible with this design. Foot straps are placed on a wide position to support the balance, perfect for the speed devils among us.

Naish Hover 155cm & 160cm: Beginner to intermediate foil

Versatility is all that matters with the Naish Hover 2019 155cm. This board offers infinite pleasure and can be driven with or without a foil. Thanks to its fun design, the board is suitable for kite-foiling, skimboarding, wake-foiling or even wake-surfing! Thanks to the wide outline, the Hover 155cm has a big sweetspot for incredible stability. His larger 160cm brother is suitable for the novice foilers who like to master the tricks of foiling. A stable foil with a big sweetspot so that you can stand on the water in no time.

The Hover 130, 155 and 160 foil boards have a shallower rail system and therefore require the shorter screws supplied with the board. These plates can not be used with the longer screws that belong to the Naish Thrust foil. When you combine all other Naish Hover foil boards with a Naish foil, use the screws supplied with the foil.

  • 112cm: Expert foil
  • 127cm: Expert foil
  • 130cm: Intermediate to expert foil
  • 145cm: High speed foil
  • 155cm: Beginner to intermediate foil
  • 160cm: Beginner to intermediate foil

  • Naish Hover Foil
  • Freeride shape
  • Flat rocker
  • Excluding foil
  • Top quality
  • Includes traction pad
  • Aluminum tracks
  • Very strong and durable

    Naish Hover 2019 Foil Kiteboard

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