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Monarch 2021 Kiteboard Naish

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Naish Monarch 2021 S25 Kiteboard

High Performance Kiteboard with carbon stringer for ambitious riders!

The Naish Monarch 2021 Kiteboard is aimed for massive Big Air boosting and unhooked Freestyle action. The Naish Monarch is the board, that has been tested and proven itself multiple times in competitions like the Red Bull King of the Air. This year, the Naish Monarch S25 has a new deck shape and new carbon construction to address ambitious riders even more. The new top deck shape in combination with the new carbon stringer that goes from tip to tip provides extra stiffness and reduces weight for you to gain extra pop. Due to its flat freestyle rocker, the Monarch S25 gains a lot of speed while the deep channels provide enough grip for you to control this beast.

New on this years Naish Monarch S25 is the new deck shape and the new carbon construction. This new top layer in combination with the carbon stringer provides an optimized flex for high performance riding. The Monarch provides a lot of torsional stiffness, so if you push down hard on your back foot, you will shoot up straight into the sky. Also new for this year, are the 5cm IXEF fins that provide more grip and control. These fins let you cruise upwind again easier, after boosting big and traveling far through the sky.

The Naish Monarch 2021 is best ridden with power and speed. The outline of the Naish Monarch 2021 is relatively square, so you can and should ride the Monarch just a bit smaller than your regular Twintip size. This enables you also to hold down a lot of power from your kite. The channels at the bottom of the board provide a lot of grip, so that you always stay in control of all this power. Four deep channels run from tip to tip, so that the Naish Monarch can go really fast. Smaller rail channels provide extra grip, when you must dig in your heel to keep your edge.

The Naish Monarch 2021 has centered inserts. This allows you to turn your toe-side edge into your new heel-side edge by spinning the pads & straps around. This is a great feature as it will increase the lifetime of your board immensely. The corners of the Naish Monarch are designed to be extra robust and release the board out of the water easily. This makes it a good board to travel with and enhances your takeoff.

To sum it up, if you don’t want to make compromises and are looking for a high-performance Freestyle and Big Air Kiteboard with a lot of speed, explosive pop and superior control – the Naish Monarch 2021 is for you! The Monarch S25 comes in the following sizes 132x41, 135x41.5, 138x42 and 142x42.5. Pair the Naish Monarch 2021 with the best bindings on the market: the Naish Apex 2021 for a great ride!

  • Naish Monarch 2021 S25 Kiteboard
  • New Top Deck Shape
  • New Carbon Construction
  • New 5.0 cm IXEF Fins
  • Flat Freestyle Rocker
  • Square Outline
  • Low Flex
  • Centered inserts
  • Sizes 132x41, 135x41.5, 138x42 and 142x42.5
  • Including fins and grab handle

    Naish Monarch 2021 S25 Kiteboard
    Naish Monarch 2021 S25 Kiteboard

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