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Pivot 2020 KiteNaish

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Naish Pivot 2020 Kite

The high performance all-round kite from Naish for freeride, wave and big air

The Naish Pivot is one of the most loved kites worldwide. A kite for all conditions, all levels and all kite surfing styles. The Naish Pivot is a kite that kitesurfs really easy and is super forgiving. If you want to jump high you are at the right place with the Naish Pivot 2020. For years in a row, Kevin Langeree has won the most extreme kite surfing competition in the world with the Naish Pivot (King of the Air). The Naish Pivot gradually pulls you up to a great height and lets you land smoothly again. But also when you are less extreme and want to kitesurf comfortably, the Naish Pivot is a perfect choice. The gradual depower and the fast cornering give the Naish Pivot a super nice freeride character. If you accidentally send the Pivot into the water, the relaunch will be done in no time. You won't find many people who don't like the Naish Pivot 2020!

This year Naish has added a long-awaited upgrade: the new "one-pump" system. The 2020 Pivot no longer has the Octopus system where you had to open and close your struts every time, but a system where you can inflate the kite in one go. The system used is a similar pump system that is also used in the Naish SUPs. This system does not protrude above the leading edge and therefore cannot damage the kite canopy as can be the case with other pumping systems. In addition, new extra strong seams are stitched into the canopy of the Naish Pivot 2020. Because of these seams, the Naish Pivot 2020 retains its profile and stiffness over time.

Of course, the Naish Pivot has the famous Quad Tex canopy in 2020. Quad Tex is the strongest and stiffest kite surfing canopy on the market, developed by Teijin for Naish. As a result, the Naish Pivot retains its shape under extreme conditions and the profile is retained for a longer time. By using Quad Tex, Naish has had to use less heavy dacron, so the Pivot is light in weight. The Quad Tex fabric in combination with the new seams through the fabric make the Naish Pivot 2020 the strongest Pivot ever!

The loved shape of the Naish Pivot has remained unchanged, a bow / SLE kite. This shape contributes to the friendly and forgiving nature of the Naish Pivot. The sloping tips make it possible for the Pivot to be super easy to relaunch. With the help of the ABS bridge, the Pivot 2020 generates a gradual power and offers the Pivot a maximum depower. The Shark Teeth trailing edge is light in weight and ends in points to prevent flapping of the canopy, resulting in a very stable kite.

Kitesurfing with the new Naish Pivot is as good as it gets. The Pivot 2020 inflates super fast thanks to the new one pump SUP valve, the Pivot 2020 is stronger than ever with the same great flying characteristics. The Naish Pivot is a pleasure for all kitesurfers from beginner to pro and from wave rider to big air champs!

  • King of the Air winner!
  • All-round performance
  • Big Air | Wave | Freeride
  • Large wind range
  • Bow / SLE profile
  • Teijin Quad Tex canopy
  • New canopy reinforcing seams
  • New one pump system
  • Very good depower
  • ABS bridle
  • Shark Teeth trailing edge
  • HT-plus yarn in LE
  • 4 lines with a low V split

    Naish Pivot 2020 Kite

    Naish Pivot 2020 Kite

    Naish Pivot 2020 Kite

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