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Pivot 2021 Kite Naish

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Naish Pivot 2021 S25 Kite

Allround big air performance - 2x KOTA WINNER - Naish Pivot 2021

The Naish Pivot is an indispensable part of the Naish kite line up. One of the best-selling kites of all time and the kite with the most KOTA victories to its name. The Naish Pivot is a true legend, a pleasure for almost everyone. Big air, boosting, freeride and even some waveriding, the Naish Pivot 2021 knows how to get the most out of all conditions. To celebrate that Naish kiteboarding is entering its 25th season, the Naish Pivot 2021 S25 will be available in a limited black color. So do you want this color? Then you have to be quick!

When it comes to big air, the Naish Pivot 2021 can call itself a star player. In this area, the Naish Pivot 2021 has been improved to become better than its predecessor. The Pivot 2021 has a new bridle bridle setting, giving you more range within your high end. This means that you can ride the Naish Pivot 2021 longer in strong winds, an improved high end. And that makes you jump even higher than you already did! This is guaranteed to break hight records.

Of course, the Naish Pivot 2021 still feels like you are used to from the Pivot. The gigantic boost, the "sheet-and-go" feeling, the constant power, the fast relaunch and its incredible wind range have been retained. Also in 2021, the Naish Pivot will be made of the strongest canopy available on the kitesurf market: QuadTex ripstop. Therefore the quality is excellent. Furthermore, Naish has done everything to strengthen the vulnerable high impact areas. For example, there are bumpers on the struts, the yarn is super strong and has aramid patches. And the diagonal "Load-Seam", which we first saw in the 2020 Pivot, has also been used in the 2021 Pivot to better balance the Pivot. The Shark Teeth trailing edge ensures that the Pivot flutters less. This year the Shark Teeths are just a little further apart to save a little in weight.

All in all, Naish has made the Pivot 2021 a bit better than what the Pivot was already good at: big air!

  • Big Air | Freeride
  • Hangtime
  • Renewed bridle setting
  • Improved high end
  • Large wind range
  • 3 struts
  • 4 lines
  • QuadTex fabric
  • Good depower
  • Powerful kite
  • Diagonal Load Seam
  • Aramid Patches
  • Anti-Stiction window

  • Stig Hoefnagel
    Stig Hoefnagel
    17 August 2020

    Ik heb in de kite markt van vandaag de dag nog nooit een kite gevaren die zo vertrouwd en stabiel aanvoelde. De kleine maten voelen niet zenuwachtig aan maar zijn rustig en erg goed te controleren. Waar de grote maten sneller en wendbaar zijn. Met de nieuwe extension op de bridles is hij echt goed samen te stellen naar wat bij jou past!

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