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Strapless Wonder 2021 Surfboard Naish

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Naish Strapless Wonder 2021 Directional Surfboard

Strapless Wave and Freeride Surfboard Naish

The Naish Strapless Wonder 2021 Kiteboard has inherited some elements from the Naish Go-To, such as the fast rocker profile. However, the strap inserts have been omitted for the Strapless Wonder, the deck has been flattened for comfort and the Strapless Wonder has fuller rails and a single concave on the bottom. Due to its fuller rails and rounded pintail, the Strapless Wonder directional kiteboard is there for every rider looking for forgiveness and performance at lower speeds. Although it cannot offer the same speed as the Naish Global 2021, the Strapless Wonder is a very good all-round shape for most kite conditions. The single concave bottom is also complemented by the thruster fin setup, making the board nice, playful and manoeuvrable.

Offered in a 5"3 "and 5"6" range, the Strapless Wonder is packed with more volume per length than any other board in the Naish lineup. This ample volumes enhances the Strapless Wonder’s forgiveness for everyone. Also heavier kiters who prefer a shorter board will love it. Every kiter riding the Strapless Wonder will have full confidence in his or her skills as a result of the double bamboo sandwich deck together with the lightweight durafinish to keep the board light and strong.

  • Strapless only
  • Single concave bottom
  • Strategic rail flow
  • Thruster fin setup
  • Round pintail
  • Corduroy Pad for more grip and comfort
  • 5’3" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/16" - 22L
  • 5’6" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/4" - 26L
  • Double bamboo construction

    Naish Strapless Wonder 2021 Directional Surfboard
    Naish Strapless Wonder 2021 Directional Surfboard

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