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Switch 2021 Kiteboard Naish

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Naish Switch 2021 S25 Kiteboard

The Naish “Two-in-one-Kiteboard” aka Naish Switch 2021

The Naish Switch has been only introduced to the market first time in 2020 and within short the time board generated such a fan base that Naish had no doubts, whether they should keep it in their Twintip line up! The Naish Switch 2021 S25 is a special board, as one rail is 4cm longer than the other. Therefore, the available size are as follows: 134/138 and 138/142.
Everyone knows the feeling when the wind is pumping and you are struggling to hold your edge - or the opposite: you have to constantly work your kite and you can still barely ride… well, with the Naish Switch 2021 you can swap your foot straps around and ride in all conditions. Also, in the beginning of your kite career it makes sense to ride a larger board. Later, you will want to ride a smaller, more playful board – with the Naish Switch 2021 you only have to buy one board and will have endless fun!

Naish has added a few upgrades to the Switch 2021, to make it an even more balanced all-round performer. The new top deck offers an optimized flex throughout the board – exactly at those spots where you need it. This upgrade goes well with the new slightly more round ends of the Naish Switch 2021. This will make it even easier to navigate through the chop, gain speed and jump. To get back upwind faster, the new 5cm IXEF fins on the Naish Switch are a huge bonus. These new fins provide more grip and control to your riding.

The Naish Switch was initially based on the Naish Motion, so the Naish Switch 2021 just rides as balanced and smooth as the Motion. The Naish Switch has a wooden core with fiberglass finish. The Freeride rocker and medium flex provide a mix of comfort and performance. The Naish Switch rides through chop with ease and still jumps high, when you push down on your back foot. The Flex Torsional Control minimizes the torsional flex and offers a great performance, that you will feel under your back foot. The Naish Switch has very balanced riding characteristics that make the board interesting to a large group of kiters. On top, you buy two boards in one, so can decide how you want to ride – this highlights the true all-round capabilities of the Naish Switch 2021. Get your true Naish allrounder – the Switch – and pair it with the best foot straps on the market: the Naish Apex 2021 for the smoothest ride and most fun out on the water!

  • Naish Switch 2021 S25 Kiteboard
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Freeride rocker
  • Medium Flex
  • FTC Flex Torsion Control
  • New deck shape
  • New IXEF fins
  • Torsion Laminate for precision flex
  • Incl. fins and handle

    Naish Switch 2021 S25 Kiteboard
    Naish Switch 2021 S25 Kiteboard

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