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Thrust Surf 2019 Foil Naish

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Naish Thrust Surf 2019 Hydrofoil

Large easy foil in three sizes for kite surfing

The Naish surf foils were originally intended as surf foils. But they also turn out to be super nice for hydrofoil kite surfing. In fact, if you start with foiling, a large foil is super easy. Because of the large surface, the Naish Thrust surf foil gives you quick lift at low speed. In addition, the Thrust surf is nice and playful. Naish's Thrus Surf Foil is probably the best choice if you're looking for an easy hydrofoil for kitesurfing. The set comes standard with a 55cm mast, which is nice to start with. But if you are a bit advanced with hydrofoiling, a slightly larger mast is nice, especially if you hydrofoil at sea with a lot of swell.

The delta shaped wings in combination with the curved tips give the perfect balance between lift, effective flight and maneuverability. The flat section at the bottom of the wing and rear wing give extra stability to the Thrust surf foil 2019.

The wings of the Naish Thrust Surf 2019 are made of carbon / glass fiber combination with a core of foam so that the wing stays light. Compared to last year, the wing has become 50% lighter! The mast and fuselage are made of the same type of aluminum used in aviation, super strong.

Note that the Hover Kite 130, 155 and 160 foil boards have a less deep tracking system and therefore require shorter screws, these are delivered with the board. The longer screws supplied with the foil can not be used to attach the foil to these boards. Use the screws that come with the board.

  • 50% lighter front wing
  • Aspect ratio: M 3.5 - L 3.5 - XL 4.75
  • Surface: M 1032 - L 1236 - XL 1572 cm 2
  • Carbon / fiberglass wings
  • Stealth stripes
  • Aluminum mast and fuselage
  • Standard 55cm mast
  • Foil cover included

    Naish Thrust Surf 2019 foil

    Naish Thrust Surf 2019 foil

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