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Carve + Dimension 2020 Kitesurf Set North

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North Carve + Brunotti Dimension Kitesurf set

Beginner-friendly, all-round kitesurf set

North Carve 2020

Besides being a great kite for the surf style, the North Carve is also great for freeride for all levels for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is a very forgiving kite that you can rely on at all times. The North Carve remains very stable in the air at all times. Moreover, the Carve is characterized by its fast relaunch and the kite is therefore easy to restart. Especially when you start kiting, this is of course very nice. The large depower range of the North Carve will give you the confidence to kite in all kitesurfing conditions.

In addition, the Carve has a large depower range, fast steering, smooth power and a great drift. All this ensures that you as a beginner kite surfer can have a lot of fun with the Carve, but this kite also has an eye for the future because a lot of progress can be made with it. Once you start practicing on a directional kiteboard, your Carve remains very suitable again. In short, this Carve is versatile and has several very interesting features for all levels and many kitesurfing styles.

Brunotti Dimension

The Brunotti Dimension 2020 is a perfect all-round freeride and freestyle kiteboard. This twin-tip features a CNC wooden core with an "Active Backbone" that runs throughout the board. The Dimension is also built with carbon fibers that provides extra stiffness and strength. This results in more durability and therefore an extended life of the Brunotti Dimension. The board also offers a lot of comfort and a lot of control, ideal for your first freestyle tricks, but it is also a nice kiteboard for cruising. The rails have a 3D model that reduces the rotation of the board. The Dimension is available in three different sizes: 136 x 40, 139 x 41 and 144 x 43. Splitter fins are included as standard with every board.

North Navigator Bar 2021

The Navigator Bar 2021 from North is a four-line kite bar made only of premium materials and available in three different sizes: 38-43cm, 45-50cm and 50-55cm. This bar distinguishes itself with a highly ergonomic design that has been further refined this year for increased durability, tactile control and comfort. Unique to the Navigator bar is North"s patented Toolless Interloop system. This allows you to easily and quickly change chicken loops without using any tools. Which is incredibly handy because there are no less than 4 different chicken loops available - each one to suit different disciplines!

The North Navigator Bar is finished with a soft EVA padding with more than enough grip and comfort. The Navigator bar has omnidirectional grip in all directions with tactical finger bar. With the Connect Quick Release System you can release and reconnect your kite with one action. The swivel ensures that your lines automatically turn back after a kite loop or rotation. In addition, this kite bar is equipped with the premium SK99 1.6mm kite lines, so you can use a kite loop at a height of 20m with confidence! The bar length can also be adjusted (- / + 5cm).

Uni High Performance Pads & Straps

The Uni High Performance bindings are an improvement on the Hypro Clamps. The Hexagon traction improves the grip of these Brunotti bindings so that they stay in place. The heel pads are very soft and offer great comfort. The straps are characterized by a nice fit that fits well on the instep of the foot. Finally, the foot straps can be repaired with two Velcro straps on both sides. So you can adjust these bindings completely to your feet.

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