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Orbit 2020 Kite North

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North Orbit 2020 Kite

Freeride / big air kite surfing kite from North

Do you want to get as much hangtime as high and long as possible? Then the new North Orbit 2020 is the kite for you. North has made the Orbit 2020 as efficient as possible for unmatched hang time and height. The North Orbit 2020 is the kite that Nick Jacobsen dares to trust in all conditions!

The North Orbit 2020 has a broad and open stand profile. This ensures efficieny and a gradual build-up of power. The five struts make it possible that the North Orbit is super stable in all conditions, also in strong winds! A thin leading edge diameter ensures little resistance in the air so that you can easily kite upwind with the North Orbit. At the tip ends you can adjust the bar pressure and steering speed to your own preferences. The North Orbit itself has a fairly light bar pressure. The bridles use a system without pulleys so that the Orbit returns the most direct feedback possible.

If we look more specifically at the construction that makes up the North Orbit, you will see an Exo-Skeleton construction. This is a durable frame around the edges of the Orbit. The Exo Skeleton is made from super rigid and durable Techno Force 160gsm Dacron. This makes the North Orbit 2020 kite last longer, the Orbit feels more responsive and the kite retains its optimum profile for longer. The fabric from which the North Orbit 2020 kite is made is the proven strong and durable D2 ripstop from Teijin. The Orbit is reinforced with extra kevlar protection around the seams at the struts. Of course you can pump the new North Orbit 2020 kite easily with a fast one-pump system so that you don"t have to miss a second on the water!

  • All-round | Big Air kite
  • Five struts
  • Four lines
  • Good depower
  • Easy relaunch
  • Bridle without pulleys
  • Low resistance bridle lines
  • D2 Teijin canopy
  • Profile Transition Panels
  • Exo-skeleton
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • One pump

    North Orbit 2020 kite

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