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North Reach 2024 + Prime Kitesurf Set

The North Reach 2024 with Prime 2024 kiteboard is a super nice all-round kitesurfing set to start your kite career or to give your old set a big upgrade.

  • North Reach 2024 kite
  • North Navigator bar
  • North Prime 2024 kiteboard
  • North Flex binding
  • Optional North kite pump
North - Reach 2024 + Prime Kitesurf Set


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Intro Reach 2024 + Prime Kitesurf Set The North Reach 2024 with Prime 2024 kiteboard is a super nice all-round kitesurfing set to start your kite career or to give your old set a big upgrade.

  • North Reach 2024 kite
  • North Navigator bar
  • North Prime 2024 kiteboard
  • North Flex binding
  • Optional North kite pump

Product Information

North Reach 2024 + Prime Kitesurf Set

The North Reach 2024 is the most all-round kite within the North kite line-up. That makes this North Reach set an ideal first kitesurfing set or upgrade to your years-old set if you like a nice, relaxed freeride and do not want to specifically commit to one discipline. The North Prime 2024 kiteboard is a super comfortable twin tip that allows you to easily ride through chop. The straight outline of the North Prime allows you to easily go upwind. The set comes with Navigator bar (for sizes smaller than 13, use the 45 - 50cm bar) and Flex bindings. Complete your set by ordering an additional pump.

North Reach 2024 Kite

Forgiving all-round freeride kite from North

The North Reach 2024 is North's all-rounder. An ideal kite for the novice kite surfer who wants to discover all disciplines and for the advanced kite surfer doesn’t want to be pinned down to just wave, freeride, freestyle or big air. All-round freeride performance in one kite: the North Reach 2024 with a mega wind range. This year Reach is the faster and more stable due to, among other things, a renewed panel layout and improved leading edge shape.

For 2024, North has made the leading edge shape of the Reach extra smooth, making the Reach fly more stable through the wind window. Due to a revised panel layout that requires less dacron and the use of lighter weight dacron in the leading edge, North has been able to significantly reduce the weight of the North Reach 2024. In addition, the new two-ply trailing edge for optimal steering performance without compromising on the strength and durability of the kite. All this provides a huge performance boost for the new 2024 North Reach kite.
We have noticed that we clearly feel a more direct steering input, and experience an extra stable kite while testing the reach at the beach in Noordwijk. The Reach is super forgiving, goes upwind very easily and has a quick relaunch. The lift of the new North Reach 2024 has also been improved. And if you are interested in doing your first kiteloops with the North Reach, no problem go for it!

The North Reach 2024 cannot be pigeonholed. Thanks to the average aspect ratio, you can go in all directions with the North Reach 2024. For a freeride kite, the Reach has excellent drift, so you can catch your first waves without the kite falling out of the sky too quickly. Do you want to unhook sometime? No problem either, with a good pop the Reach will give you enough slack on the lines for maybe your first handle pass. Ultimately, big air is where most kitesurfers want to go. The Reach offers you the perfect stepping stone for this. With a nice lift, average hangtime, your first jumps are no problem, after which you can easily expand to kiteloops and who knows more!

In short, the new Reach 2024 has been improved in terms of stability, forgiveness and performance. An ideal kite to start your kitesurfing career as a beginner and to be able to choose a different discipline every session for the advanced kitesurfer.

North Prime 2024 Kiteboard

Entry-level kiteboard with plenty of room for progression from North

If you're looking for an easy-to-ride and forgiving kiteboard, the North Prime 2024 Kiteboard is exactly what you need. The New North Prime 2024 feels familiar after the first few meters and helps you achieve maximum progression within your freeride game. The flat rocker allows for easy planing and delivers the smooth upwind characteristics we're used to from the North Prime. The comfortable flex makes this kiteboard the perfect all-rounder, and every landing is buttery soft. Regardless of whether the conditions are choppy, mirror-flat, or if you're riding in the open sea, the North Prime performs at its best!

The North Prime 2024 Kiteboard has a paulownia wood core that is finished with fiberglass for maximum durability of the kiteboard. Thanks to the paulownia wood core, the kiteboard is forgiving, and it gets its comfortable flex. The outline is slightly rounder for a playful ride, so even the advanced kitesurfer will enjoy the North Prime 2024. The tips are slightly pulled-in, ensuring no water comes into your face while riding. The bottom of the kiteboard features a single concave, providing extra grip.

North Reach 2024 + Prime Kitesurf Set includes

  • North Reach 2024 kite
  • North Navigator kitesurf bar
  • North Prime kiteboard
  • North Flex binding
  • Customer review 4.8/5
  • World wide shipping
  • 15.000+ products on stock
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