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Reach + Prime 2020 Kitesurf Set North

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North Reach + Prime 2020 Kitesurf Set

Allround kitesurfing set for everyone

Do you want to be able to discover all aspects of kitesurfing? Then this Reach with Prime kitesurf set from North is an easily made choice. The North Reach can do absolutely everything: relaxed cruising, silent foiling, easy going upwind, big air and kiteloops. So also an ideal set for the beginner to start with but also for the advanced kitesurfer to improve with. With the Prime kiteboard you have a comfortable kiteboard which is easy to ride.

North Reach 2020 Kite

North"s all-round kite for freeride, wave, foil, big air and freestyle
The North Reach is the North kite in which all other North kites come together. A merge of the Orbit, Pulse and Carve. You understand that this kite from North is the ultimate all-round kite. For big air, the Reach has adopted characteristics from the Orbit such as the open arc design. The freestyle performance of the Reach is optimized thanks to the North Pulse. And to play in waves, a good look has been taken at the North Carve. All these features come together in North"s lightest three strut kite, the Reach, for all conditions.

The North Reach feels light on the bar. The Reach itself is nice and stable and easily creates power to sail away. A true park and go kite, even if you are on a wave or your hydrofoil you can easily let it go. Regarding steering speed, the average reactivity is not too fast nor too slow. The short bridle without a pulley gives you a direct feeling with the North Reach. If you accidentally send the Reach into the water, the Reach has an easy relaunch due to the slanted tips and the thickness of the LE.
In the larger sizes 13 and 15, the Reach is optimized as a lightwind kite. So you can be the first on of your mates to get on the water!

  • Allround
  • Three struts
  • Lightweight
  • Easy upwind
  • Easy relaunch
  • Without pulleys
  • Short bridle
  • Long hangtime
  • Optimized for lightwind

    North Prime 2020 Kiteboard

    All-round freeride kiteboard from North
    The North Prime is your best buddy on the water. Reliable, comfortable and easily upwind. Ideal as your first kiteboard for fast progression. Thanks to the brightly colored red bottom and rail, you can easily find the North Prime 2020 in the water if you accidentally lose it. The kiteboard feels familiar from the first moment you kite on the North Prime. Because the North Prime has a soft flex, it easily sails through choppy water and your landings are soft.

    The construction of the North Prime 2020 consists of a combination of a Paulownia wooden core with fiberglass finish. In the bottom there is a light single concave. The tips are specially made to ensure that as little water as possible splashes into your face from the board. That way you are always 100% in control. The rocker of the North Prime 2020 is fairly flat, this makes it easy to go upwind and make speed. The North Prime 2020 kiteboard comes with fins and grab handle to easily hold your board.

  • Freeride
  • Soft flex
  • Some concave
  • Easy walking height
  • Well visible
  • Grabrail
  • Including fins and grab handle

    North Prime 2020 Kiteboard

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