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Sense + Sonar Hydrofoil Set North

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North Sonar Kite Foil & Sense foil board

The ultimate kite foil set from North

This set has been put together to make a set available at a great price! The set is for beginners, but really comes into its own with the slightly advanced kite foiler. Are you looking for a well-priced kite foil set? The North Sonar Kite Foil & Sense foilboard will be your new go-to foil set!

North Sense Hydrofoil Kiteboard

The Sense is a foil board with relatively little volume. For strapless water starts, the thin wooden deck doesn't push back on your feet as much as higher volume boards like the North Scoop and that can be a little more challenging at first for those just starting out with strapless, but for experienced strapless foilers it's water starting of the Sense no problem! The feel of the wafer-thin Sense 2021 is great when foiling, as the foilboard enhances the effect of floating over the water and with the weight saved by the easy mounting system, the Sense feels direct and agile.

The Sense comes with four threaded mounting points for the mast and the deck comes with five options for locating the front and rear foot straps. Because the Sense forgoes the usual adjustable rail for mounting the foil and saves some weight, it gives you extra options for positioning the straps to get your feet where you want them. To complete the package, the Sense has a length deck pad with lines and a solid kick bump on the rear.

North Sonar Kite Foil

The Sonar kite foil is the most all-round foils from North. The Sonar is therefore the perfect choice to begin with and enjoy for years to come. The Sonar has a smooth and playful character. The Sonar is ideal for beginners, but also the advanced kite foiler can experience hours of fun with this foil. The mast is made of aerospace grade aluminum for minimal drag. The wing is made of a lightweight foam core with 3K Carbon finish. By means of these materials, this foil has the ideal strength & weight ratio. The perfectly balanced carbon rear stabilizer allows for fast transitions and easy recovery of the foil that comes out of the water.

The mast is available in 70cm and 85cm. The 70cm is ideal for the beginning kite foiler who wants to master foiling quickly. Because the mast is slightly shorter, it is easier to kite foil in shallower spots or in flat water. The 85cm mast is slightly more difficult for the beginning kite foiler, but it does have more growth opportunities. Because the mast is a bit longer, you can easily ride through chop or waves and the water will not hit your foil board quickly. In addition, going upwind and edging is much easier with an 85cm mast compared to the 70cm mast.

The front wing has a swept back outline. The swept back outline ensures that the wing remains agile and has optimal roll stability during maneuvers. The wing can be chosen in an 850 or an 1150 Sonar. The 850 is a wing with a playful character. Because the wing has a somewhat smaller surface, more power is needed to get out of the water, once out of the water, the wing feels very playful and maneuverable. The 1150 is ideal for increasing your low end. Because of the large circumference, less power is needed from the kite to get out of the water, so you can still ride easily in light wind! The foil set comes with toolset, travel bag, stabilizer cover, front wing and accompanying screws.

  • Freeride foil board
  • Wooden core
  • Glides smoothly through the water
  • Immediate feeling and good response
  • Four-point screw-in connection system with screw spacing of 165mm x 90mm
  • Foil for the lightest wind days
  • Straps are optional

  • North Sonar foil
  • Aluminum Mast
  • Carbon Front Wing
  • Carbon rear stabilizer
  • Anhedral wing profile
  • 70cm or 85cm mast
  • 850 or 1150 front wing
  • Fuselage A600
  • Playful and stable
  • Includes toolset, travel bag, stabilizer cover, front wing and accompanying screws.

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