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NP is a brand that makes accessories for water sporters. They are also one of the few who take the wind factor into account when making their wetsuits. Furthermore, NP makes kite and windsurf harnesses, neoprene accessories, boardbags and many more useful things that you need while kiting or windsurfing.



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Armorskin 3-Finger Mitt 5mm
Armorskin 3-Finger Mitt 5mm NP Surf
GBS 3-Finger Mitt 5mm
GBS 3-Finger Mitt 5mm NP Surf
Seamless Glove 1,5mm
Seamless Glove 1,5mm NP Surf
Pro Hood 3mm
Pro Hood 3mm NP Surf
GBS Glove
GBS Glove NP Surf
Gear Bag
Gear Bag NP Surf
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Team Rider Handle Pass Leash
Team Rider Handle Pass Leash NP Surf
Changing Mat
Changing Mat NP Surf
Roof Rack Straps
Roof Rack Straps NP Surf
Helm NP Surf
Fireline Beanie
Fireline Beanie NP Surf
Fireline Visor Beanie
Fireline Visor Beanie NP Surf
Full Finger Amara Glove
Full Finger Amara Glove NP Surf
Poncho NP Surf
Dry Bag
Dry Bag NP Surf
Mission HC Round E-Zee
Mission HC Round E-Zee NP Surf
Neo Glove
Neo Glove NP Surf
Twin Tip Day Bag Boardbag
Twin Tip Day Bag Boardbag NP Surf
Knit Surf Sock
Knit Surf Sock NP Surf
Surfboard Boardbag
Surfboard Boardbag NP Surf
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The sea has changed into an inspiring playground in a few years! Neil Pryde has been a big player on the market since the beginning of the surf and kite sport. Neil Pryde, like most kiters, has a real obsession with the water. NP has spent no less than 40 years developing awesome wetsuits and accessories that help to make your session more pleasant . The goal is to eventually spend more time in the water.

The result of this development is high-quality products that feel like a fish in the water. Neil Pryde makes, among other things, awesome wetsuits, beanies, surf shoes, boardbags and trapezes. Do you have a question about Neil Pryde gear? Feel free to call or email us.

Niel Pride wetsuit accessories

Niel Pride always has you covered. NP makes super nice wetsuit accessories such as kitesurf gloves, caps, hoodies, as well as full wetsuits for both men and women. The accessories are made of good quality neoprene and last a long time. That way you are always warm in the sea.

Niep Pride Surf bags and travel bags

Sometimes it is not so easy to carry all your kitesurf gear. Especially when you travel and you have to take kitesurfing stuff with you on the plane. Fortunately, many brands already make travel bags for kitesurfing and surfing to transport your things easily in a bag. The Niel Pride Surfboardbag, Golf bag and Surf Travelbag are great super handy bags where you can take all your kitesurf gear into the airplane.