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Contact Water V4 2021 Bar Ozone

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Ozone Contact Water V4 2021 Bar

Kitesurf bar from Ozone with updated safety system

At Ozone they love innovating. And that is reflected in the Contact Water V4 bar. The new Ozone Contact Water V4 bar has a simple design with an easy-to-use depower and a completely new "Click-In-Loop" safety system. The idea of ​​the click-in loop is simple, so simple that already you use it every day without knowing it! The click in loop works like a seatbelt. The chickenloop is super easy to click back into the security system and is firmly fixed as shown below in the animation.

Ozone safety system

The V4 2021 Contact Water bar has a comfortable EVA grip padding. The depower is above the bar in the form of a clamcleat. You pull the cord through the clamcleat for depower and let the string go when you want more power. The bar ends are soft and have long floaters. Your power lines are easy to "untwist" with the swivel just above your chickenloop.

With the included ring where you attach your leash to your safety line you have two release options: standard and expert. You use the standard mode when only ride hooked in. You attatch your leash directly to the ring under your quick release The second option is for the more advanced kite surfers. When you unhook for unhooked tricks or unhooked waver riding. You first put your chickenloop through the ring and then attach your leash to the small ring. When you accidentally fall and let go of your bar after a crash or whipe-oute, your kite doesn"t immediately have a 100% depower and you can still get to your bar via the leash, your kite relaunching and further kiting.

The bar is available in 38/45/50/55 cm. And depending on your sailing style you can choose a large, medium or small chickenloop.

  • New "Click-In" Loop
  • Clamcleat depower system
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Swivel
  • Soft bar ends
  • Two release options
  • PU depower line

    Ozone Release

  • Ilyas Knauf
    Ilyas Knauf
    4 September 2020

    Ozone Contact water V4 bar is een bar die precies doet wat je wilt. Het is een ongecompliceerde bar, dat zorgt ervoor dat je altijd kan zien of er vervanging nodig is aan je bar, safety/depower koord.

    Ikzelf hou van een bar die altijd werkt en vertrouwd aanvoelt in mijn handen. Of ik nou ga foilen of het nieuwe WOW record wil halen, deze bar zorgt ervoor dat ik altijd weer heelhuids het water afkom.

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