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Edge V11 2022 Kite Ozone

Ozone Edge V11 2022 Kite

High performance Freeride big air, hangtime machine from Ozone

The long awaited 11th version of the Ozone Edge is finally available. Already Jamie Overbeek shows time and again that the Ozone Edge V11 stays true to its high performance freeride with gigantic big air character. With jumps of over 34 meters, this Ozone Edge V11 is at the absolute top of the big air kites. But it doesn't stop there, Ruben Lenten has unlocked a new discipline for the Ozone Edge V11. This 11th version of the Edge shows incredibly smooth and controlled kiteloops that we were not used to from the Ozone Edge. We can only conclude that this Ozone Edge V11 brings even bigger air and even more extreme kiteloops accessible for everyone.

So what's new and what makes it possible for the Ozone Edge V11 to outperform its predecessors so much? At first glance, it may not seem like much has changed to the Ozone Edge V11. But don't let that fool you. The kite canopy of which the Ozone Edge V11 is made has changed. And that is a very big change. Where previously double ripstop kite canopy was used, now Japanese Teijin triple ripstop canopy is used. Almost the entire kite consists of triple ripstop so the upgrade to this material does a lot with the characteristics of the Ozone Edge V11. Trippel ripstop is stiffer, stronger and has a higher density. As a result, the Edge V11 steers faster, handles the wind more effectively and distorts less. And that results in more height, longer hangtime and faster kiteloops. The Ozone Edge V11 really feels like another, new, improved kite!

It is not only the new canvas that provides enormous jumps and unprecedented hang time. At the heart of all this is the high aspect ratio kite shape with sturdy five strut construction of the Ozone Edge V11. The five struts ensure that the shape is maintained at all times and you will land softly on the water like on a parachute after your highest jumps ever! Due to an extensively tested bridle system that does not use pulleys, you have a super direct feeling with the Ozone Edge V11. At all times you know blindly where the kite is in the air. Whether you're upside down or backwards in a front roll, you can always rely on the bar feel of the Ozone Edge V11.

Are you not only looking for jumps from over 15 meters and extreme kiteloops? Even then the Ozone Edge V11 is a kite for you. The unprecedented speed of the Ozone Edge V11 makes this one of the fastest LEI race kites on the market. For freeride, the Edge V11 offers you a very friendly sheet and go character and making your first jumps is just a matter of pulling your bar. The round profile of the Ozone Edge V11 ensures that you have the Edge out of the water in no time after a crash.

The Ozone Edge V11 is faster, more direct and gives you more hang time than ever before. The perfect kite for the high performance freeride kite surfer who is looking for height and ease of use.

  • High performance | Freeride | Big Air
  • Five struts
  • New Teijin triple ripstop canopy
  • 4 line pulleyles bridle system
  • Unprecedented hang time
  • Thick big air
  • Easy relaunch
  • Backline trim system

    Ozone Edge V11 2022 Kite
    Ozone Edge V11 2022 Kite
    Ozone Edge V11 2022 Kite

  • Jamie Overbeek
    Jamie Overbeek
    10 March 2022

    I had high expectations and they were met, the Edge V11 is my weapon of choice for sending it to the moon

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