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Wakestyle v4 Bar Ozone

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Ozone Wakestyle V4 Kitesurf Bar

Small kitesurf bar from Ozone with large chicken loop

The Ozone Wakestyle V4 kitesurf bar is a super clean bar with a simple design. Ideal for kite surfers who love wakestyle and freestyle with an easy depower trim system and the latest innovation in chicken loop systems, the Click-In-Loop.

The Ozone Wakestyle V4 bar is available in two small sizes, a 38 and 45 centimeters. The depower at the Wakestyle V4 bar works with the use of a simple clam-cleat system. Hereby you pull the rope towards you for the power and let the rope go for power. The chicken loop is extra large, so you can easily unhook for crazy freestyle tricks and hook in again with your eyes closed. Ozone has opted for 23 meter kitesurfing lines because this is the ideal balance between a reactive kite and a good power build-up. It is possible to ride the Wakestyle bar on 5 lines with a special conversion kit. The ends of the Ozone Wakestyle bar are soft and comfortable.

The most innovative part of the Ozone Wakestyle V4 kitesurf bar is the Click-In chicken loop. With this new chicken loop you will never have trouble with the safety of clicking in and out again. It works just as easily as a car seatbelt. You click your chicken loop in the Ozone Click-In system and you are ready to go! You can use your safety in two ways through the supplied leash-eye system. You can put the ring through the chicken loop when you go for unhooked tricks. This way your safety is not immediately activated if you don’t stick the landing. Or you can attach your leash directly to the leash eye at the bar without passing it through the chicken loop. This is the safest way and therefore your safety works best.

  • 38 or 45 cm
  • Large wakestyle chicken walk
  • New Click-In system
  • Clam cleat depower
  • Soft bar ends
  • 500/300 kg lines
  • PU depower line

  • Professional advice

    call+31 (0)71 4081154



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