Neopreen Winter Set ProProlimit

Prolimit Neoprene Winter Set Pro

Extra warm neoprene winter set

It is getting cold. Very cold. Almost too cold. But with this Pro Neoprene winter set you have the best that Prolimit has to offer. You can handle the cold! And continue during the winter with the coolest hobby there is, without getting really cold. The winterset consists of the hydrogen surf shoes, curved gloves and hope extreme visor cap

Prolimit hydrogen surf shoe 5.5mm

The Hydrogen surf shoe from Prolimit is super warm. This is due to the thick neoprene and finishing with thick rubber at the bottom. In addition, this thick rubber ensures that your feet are protected against sharp objects under water. The fit is perfect, the heel is designed so that stays in place.

Prolimit Curved Finger glove 2mm

This pre-curved Prolimit is 2mm thick so you will have a good bar feeling. The pre-curved fingers in the glove ensure that you don't get a lot of cramp in the forearms because of holding your bar. So super comfortable!

Prolimit Neoprene Hood Xtreme Visor cap

This Prolimit cap will keep you warm. The inside is made of a kind of plus that keeps you warm for a long time. And that is important because you want to cool down as little as possible through your head. The cap can be put over the collar of your wetsuit at the front and the other side goes under your suit so you have a perfect connection. The cap on this neoprene hood ensures that less water will flow over your face.

  • Special winter offer
  • Cap
  • Shoes
  • Gloves

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