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Protection - Impact Vest

Many kiters choose to kite with an impact vest to protect themselves against hard crashes. A crash at high speed can lead to unpleasant injuries. These kite impact vests partly go below your harness so they don't get in the way while kitesurfing. They fit well around your body and besides the impact protection, they also allow you to float in the water. This also makes it easier to put on your kiteboard. We have kite surf impact vests from Mystic, Brunotti, and Dakine. Do you have any questions about a kite impact vest? Please call or email us.Lees meer »



Impact Vest Size

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Vector Amp FZ 2021 Impact Vest
Vector Amp FZ 2021 Impact VestION
$ 140.76
Slider 2019 Impact Vest
Slider 2019 Impact VestProlimit
$ 80.00
Empax Impact Vest
Empax Impact VestRide Engine
$ 120.51
Len10 Impact Vest 2019
Len10 Impact Vest 2019Mystic
$ 171.14
Diva 2019 Impact Vest Women
Diva 2019 Impact Vest WomenMystic
$ 130.63
Star Impact Vest 2021 Frontzip
Star Impact Vest 2021 FrontzipMystic
$ 120.51
Star Impact Vest 2020 Szip
Star Impact Vest 2020 SzipMystic
$ 120.51
Vector Element SZ 2020 Impact Vest
Vector Element SZ 2020 Impact VestION
$ 100.25
Vector Core SZ 2020 Impact Vest
Vector Core SZ 2020 Impact VestION
$ 130.63
Star Impact Vest Women
Star Impact Vest WomenMystic
$ 120.51
Block Impact Vest 2020
Block Impact Vest 2020Mystic
$ 130.63
Neo Impact Vest Men
Neo Impact Vest MenBrunotti
$ 100.25
Majestic Impact Vest Zipfree
Majestic Impact Vest ZipfreeMystic
$ 130.63
Vector Amp FZ 2020 Impact Vest
Vector Amp FZ 2020 Impact VestION
$ 140.76
Star Impact Vest
Star Impact VestMystic
$ 100.25
Majestic Impact Vest Szip
Majestic Impact Vest SzipMystic
$ 140.76
Diva Impact Vest Women
Diva Impact Vest WomenMystic
$ 130.63
Foil Impact Vest
Foil Impact VestMystic
$ 171.14
Majestic Impact Vest Szip Kite
Majestic Impact Vest Szip KiteMystic
$ 150.89
Block Impact Vest
Block Impact VestMystic
121.51 $ 110.38
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Buy Kitesurf Impactvest

These impact vests are specially made for kitesurfing. The bottom of the impact vest is smaller so that it fits under your harness and stays in place. Normal impact jackets can not be worn with a trapeze. An impact vest gives you good protection when you are kitesurfing. For example during big air or freestyle. During the King of the Air in South Africa, the riders are now even obliged to wear an impact vest. Even if you start with hydrofoiling, for example, an impact vest is not a luxury. During hydrofoiling you stand high above the water and you will fall often. A fall of 2 meters at high speed can cause a big impact, an impact vest ensures that the impact is less severe. At Kitemana we sell impact jackets from Mystic, Ride Engine, Dakine and more!
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