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KevPro 2020 Kiteboard Reedin Kiteboarding

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Reedin KevPro 2020 Kiteboard

Ride like Kevin with the Reedin KevPro: pop, grip, control and big air!

Reedin"s KevPro is the kiteboard that Kevin Langeree has been dreaming about all his life. This Reedin KevPro kiteboard has everything to push your limits and improve your level to greater heights. Jump higher, pop harder, ride faster and above all have more fun with the Reedin KevPro!

The features that are central to the KevPro are grip, pop and speed. These are the features that are essential for a kiteboard with which you will break your height record. The unique bottom shape of the Reedin KevPro consists of a full concave bottom with a triple concave in the tip, also known as tip channels. This unique bottom shape gives the KevPro a lot of grip at high speed when there is a lot of pressure on your rear foot. The KevPro is made extra stiff by double carbon stringers that run the length of the KevPro. This stiffness gives you more control and more speed. This guarantees that you will be launched into the air if you turn on for a jump.

In the tips, the KevPro is made a bit thinner to give the kiteboard a lighter weight and to give a little extra flex in the tips. The rail in the middle is thicker for extra stiffness and more durability. Thanks to the extra stiffness and the specific shape of the KevPro, you often ride the KevPro a bit smaller than another kiteboard. Kevin himself is 1.75m and 75kg, he sails the 133 in combination with the Reedin Superbinding. The perfect setup if you want to go as high as possible in strong wind.

The construction of the Reedin KevPro consists of a wooden Paulownia core. The wooden core is reinforced with carbon stringers to give the board extra stiffness. The KevPro gives you the best response by means of a Triax and Biax (mixed fiberglass) finish. All Reedin twintip kiteboards are made in Poland to ensure the best possible quality.

  • High performance freeride | Big Air
  • Carbon stringers
  • Concave
  • Tripple tip channels
  • Fairly stiff
  • Average rocker
  • Wooden core

    Reeding KevPro Kiteboard
    Reeding KevPro Kiteboard
    Reeding KevPro Kiteboard

  • Kitemana
    22 June 2020

    Toen we de KevPro uit de verpakking haalde waren we meteen onder de indruk van de mooie shape. Je ziet meteen dat de KevPro gemaakt is voor grip. Over de bodem loopt een vier dubbele concaaf, in de rail zit een dunne rail channel en ook in de tips zitten channels om grip te garanderen. De KevPro is lekker van gewicht en heeft een goede stijfheid voor snelheid en controle. Zeker een van de beste high performance big air boards in onze collectie!

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