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No Brainer Kiteboard Reedin Kiteboarding

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Reedin No Brainer Surfboard

The only strapless surfboard you will ever need

Reedin is the kitesurfing brand of kitesurf hero Kevin Langeree! This No Brainer is a mega all-round strapless surfboard that you can use in all circumstances. Whether you want to rip nice waves, love strapless freestyle or are on a surfboard for the first time, the No Brainer can do it all.

What makes the Reedin No Brainer so special is its unique rocker line, which is divided into two parts. When you"re riding on flat water or not surfing a wave, your back foot is slightly further forward on the board, so use the straighter rocker. When you surf the waves, you are more on the back and you get the enormous advantage of a higher kick tail rocker for a mega snappy steering behavior. The higher rocker in the nose ensures tight turns in small waves, but also lets you make nice long turns in steep and hollow waves. The Reedin No Brainer is equipped with a double channel close to the rail for extra drive and grip.

The No Brainer is a surfboard that every kiter will have a fun session with, regardless of your level or surf style. The outline is fine-tuned for maximum stability when riding with a relatively straight section from the center to your back foot. The No Brainer feels super stable and smooth. The Reedin No Brainer is undoubtedly one of the most advanced surfboards on the market!

Kevin"s words: the No Brainer has become the only board I have with me! It makes me jump better and I can surf almost all waves with it!

  • Step rocker in the tail
  • High rocker in the nose
  • Wide nose shape
  • Double channel
  • Molded Soric sandwich construction with XPS core
  • Weight of a normal PU surfboard with extra strength
  • Reedin Corduroy and Square pattern pads: maximum grip and comfort
  • Reedin Thruster fins with Futures® boxes

    Reedin No Brainer Surfboard

    Reedin No Brainer Surfboard

    Reedin No Brainer Surfboard

    Reedin No Brainer Surfboard

    Reedin No Brainer Surfboard

  • Josha
    22 June 2020

    Een zeer high performance surfboard die in alle omstandigheden heerlijk vaart. Lekker snappy in de turn en stabiel om airs mee te oefenen. Daarnaast gemaakt door Appletree dus de beste kwaliteit gegarandeerd.

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