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Reedin Kiteboarding Super Model HTF 2023 + Super E V4 Kitesurf Set

Reedin Kiteboarding - Super Model HTF 2023 + Super E V4 Kitesurf Set


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Intro Super Model HTF 2023 + Super E V4 Kitesurf Set

Product Information

Reedin Super Model HTF 2023 + Super E V4 Kitesurf Set

Accessible all-round kitesurfing set from Reedin

When it comes to all-round usability and ease of use, the Super Model HTF kite from Reedin may the pinnacle of all kitesurfing sets. You can use the Super Model HTF for freeride, big air, wave and freestyle. This set is perfect for the novice kitesurfer who is looking for a complete kitesurfing set that will give you years of fun. Or for the advanced all-round kitesurfer who wants to completely upgrade his kit in one go. With the Super E V4 kiteboard you have a nice and comfortable kiteboard that moves easily and provides enough grip for all kinds of tricks. The set is complete with foot straps and Dreamstick X V2 kitesurf bar. Complete your set by ordering a Reedin Super pump.

Reedin SuperModel HTF V4 2023 Kite

Completely renewed SuperModel with hybrid HTF frame from Reedin

The SuperModel kite from Reedin has established itself in recent years as a super solid and super all-round kite for all kite surfers. This new Reedin SuperModel HTF 2023 kite brings the performance of the already acclaimed SuperModel to the next level!

It is not easy to make a mega good all-round kite even better. Fortunately, there is no shortage of talent in the Reedin design team. Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin are the masterminds behind this completely renewed Reedin Supermodel HTF kite, and together belong to the absolute top in the field of kite design and kite test experience.
The SuperModel HTF 2023 has a brand new Hybrid Torsion Frame construction (Hybrid Torsion Frame: HTF). This means that the construction of the leading edge and struts of the SuperModel HTF consists of different types of dacron. In addition to the standard 300 gr Denier material (black), a lighter and more flexible 150 Denier Flex Lite (white) leading edge material has been used. This FlexLite material has been used in strategic places to ensure that the new Supermodel HTF kite can twist better. A special Torsion zone, Flex Tip and flex struts enable the Supermodel HTF to respond more directly and quickly to your steering input. Which results in a faster and more deformation (torsion) of the SuperModel HTF, making the kite faster than all other SuperModel kites that preceded it. You will certainly notice that the SuperModel HTF pulls kiteloops super easily, boosts better and downloops easier. An additional advantage of using lighter 150 Denier dacron is that the Reedin SuperModel HTF is lighter than ever! And that gives the SuperModel HTF a better light wind performance and drift when you ride on a surfboard or foil. This inproves the allround performance of the Reedin SuperModel HTF even more.

The introduction of the HTF frame in the SuperModel v4 did present a challenge. The transition from rigid to FlexLite dacron turned out to be a crucial point for the SuperModel to perform optimally. To make the transition as 'smooth' as possible, a 'Taper Transition' has been applied, here the construction merges as a kind of 'Yin Yang'. Because of this super smooth transition of materials, you will certainly feel that the SuperModel HTF feels extremely steady and steers smoothly.

Of course, a number of things have also remained unchanged. For example, the SuperModel HTF still has the solid triple Teijin ripstop. The seam on the LE is strategically placed for a stiff leading edge. The bridles are super stiff to allow direct input. In addition, the pully made it possible that you always have perfect pressure in your kite. On the steering lines you can adjust your bar pressure to your personal preference. All in all, the new performance of the upgraded SuperModel HTF will amaze you. More lift, faster kiteloops, better drift and unmatched all-round performance in all kitesurfing disciplines. The Reedin SuperModel HTF can undoubtedly be called one of the best all-round kites on the market.

Reedin Super E 2023 Kiteboard

Allround performance kiteboard for beginners to advanced

Reedin understands that not everyone needs the level of performance Kevin demands from a kiteboard. That's why they've created the Reedin Super E 2023 Kiteboard. The Super E looks very similar to the KevPro, but it's been constructed to offer a more all-round performance for beginners to intermediate kiteboarders.

Where the KevPro has three carbon stringers to give the board stiffness and explosive pop, the Reedin Super E 2023 has two fiberglass stringers. These fiberglass stringers make the flex of the Super E softer than the KevPro, making it feel very comfortable. The soft flex allows for smooth riding through choppy water and softer landings on your knees if you're still working on your soft landings. This makes it ideal for those who aren't yet at an advanced level and don't ride at high speeds very often.

New for this year's Reedin Super E 2023 design are the tips. The "double swallow" tail maintains the board's rail length while reducing the tail surface area, allowing for harder popping and loading for more grip and higher jumps!
The unique bottom shape of the Super E has a full concave with triple concave channels. The board also features a rail channel. The combination of these design features, the swallow tail, double fiberglass channels, and relatively flat rocker make the Reedin Super E 2023 kiteboard easy to ride upwind. At high speeds, the three triple concaves and rail channel provide unprecedented grip, giving you confidence in strong winds.

The Reedin Super E 2023 has a Paulownia wooden core with a fiberglass finish and is made in Poland to ensure high quality and long-lasting durability. This year, a new size has been added to the range: the 153 x 46. This large Super E is designed for light winds to allow for even more sessions!

In summary, if you're looking for a kiteboard to start with but one that you won't quickly outgrow, the Reedin Super E 2023 is definitely a good choice. The Super E 2023 provides grip, comfort, and most importantly, lots of fun! Compared to the KevPro, the Super E is designed for slightly less advanced kiteboarders who ride at lower speeds and seek more comfort.

Specifications Reedin Super E 2023 Kiteboard

  • All-round | Freeride
  • Beginner to advanced
  • New Swallow Tail
  • Rail channel
  • Double fiberglass stringer
  • Wooden core
  • Triple channel

Reedin Super Model HTF set includes
  • Reedin Super Model HTF 2023 kite
  • Reedin Dreamstick X V2 kitesurf bar
  • Reedin Super E V4 Kitesurf board
  • Reedin Super Binding 3 kitesurf bindings
  • Customer review 4.8/5
  • World wide shipping
  • 15.000+ products on stock
  • Your ultimate kite specialist. Contact our CS for any questions


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