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Elite Carbon 2020 Harness Ride Engine

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Ride Engine Elite Carbon 2020 Harness

Carbon hardshell kitesurf harness from Ride Engine

If you want to get the most support and comfort from a hardshell harness, then you should opt for a carbon plate. That is why Ride Engine has developed the Elite Carbon 2020 trapeze. Super stiff, so lots of support!

The unique thing about the Ride Engine hardshell trapezes is the plate shaped to your back. In the case of this Elite Carbon harness a carbon plate. Ride Engine calls this a Lumbar-Lock. Because of this ergonomically shaped plate the Ride Engine Elite Carbon harness stays very good in place. So no more annoying hassle with moving your harness up and down or to the side during your kitesurf session. The Carbon Elite 2020 harness has a design that is low on the back so that you still have a lot of freedom of movement in addition to the support. On the outside, the carbon shell is nicely finished with a super durable Shell Skin layer. Shell Skinn prevents scratching and discoloration of the Carbon Elite trapeze.

The Elite Carbon harness is fortunately not only made of carbon. During kite surfing you naturally want a soft feeling in your back. Ride Engine has solved that with a wonderfully soft padding around the edges and memory foam in your back. All this is finished with a neoprene layer so that it will not rub on your skin when you go kitesurfing without a harness. Around the harness are two attachment points for your short leash or a handle pass attachment for your long leash.

Since last year, Ride Engine has been using a new kind of webbing to easily pull your spreader bar super tight. The spreaderbar closure works with a clear ring system where you always know whether the harness is fixed or loose. The spreader bars themselves are sold separately. You can order this with a discount with your Carbon Elite harness. There is a choice of a metal slider spreader bar (surf) or a normal fixed spreader bar.

  • Carbon hardshell harness
  • Contoured Lumbar lock
  • Shell Skin
  • Low profile
  • Fusion Foam
  • Memory Foam
  • Easy closure
  • Anti Slip webbin
  • Short and long leash confirmation

    Ride Engine Elite Carbon 2020 Trapeze

  • Harness Size Indicator Ride Engine

    Waist in cm Size Spreaderbar
    60 - 66 XS 8”
    66 - 76 S 8”
    78 - 84 S 10”
    81 - 86 M 8”
    84 - 91 M 10”
    89 - 94 L 10”
    94 - 99 L 12”
    94 - 99 XL 10”
    99 - 112 XL 12”

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