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The new F-One Bandit 2021 has been launched! This 14th version of the all-rounder from F-One has again been improved on a number of points compared to its predecessor. This is the second year that F-One has split the Bandit into two models, the Bandit and Bandit-S for the waves. This allows the brand to focus even more on the Bandit in freeride, big air and kiteloops! Are you a fan of big air? Then the F-One Bandit 2021 is absolutely insane. It has even more lift and a lovely pull for a big boost and megaloops! In addition to the new Bandit 2021, you can now take advantage of a whopping 20% discount on a Bandit 2020! With this promotion, op = op so don't wait too long :)



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Bandit-S 2020 Kite
Bandit-S 2020 KiteF-One
1418.10 $994.17
Linx Freestyle Bar
Linx Freestyle BarF-One
532.41 $397.07
WTF!? V1 Kite
WTF!? V1 KiteF-One
1224.05 $487.63
Bandit 2020 Kite
Bandit 2020 KiteF-One
1418.10 $1063.83
HALO V1 Kite
HALO V1 KiteF-One
1561.41 $994.17
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