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For some (novice) kiters, it is just too expensive to buy a new kiteboard kite. We understand that at Kitemana. That is why we offer a diverse range of secondhand kites and boards. So if you want to buy a secondhand kite, take a look at this page between the used equipment and you might find what you've been looking for. The big advantage of buying a second-hand kite or kiteboard at Kitemana is the fact that we check it second-hand for you. Because of this, you don't risk buying something worthless or damaged. We often see that secondhand websites are a dump for old kite gear, without taking the buyer into account. Have you seen a secondhand kiteboard or kite that you love? You're always welcome to come and see it for yourself at our kite shop in Katwijk. If can't visit us, we can also send you some extra pictures/info. If you order the kite online, you will receive it as soon as possible. If you're not satisfied, just send it back free of charge.



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Switchblade 2019 Demo (2nd)
Switchblade 2019 Demo (2nd)Cabrinha
$ 589.78
Dash 2018 Kite (2nd)
Dash 2018 Kite (2nd)Naish
$ 593.50
GTS5 Kite (2nd)
GTS5 Kite (2nd)Core Kiteboarding
1545.01 $ 926.53
FX 2016 (2nd)
FX 2016 (2nd)Cabrinha
$ 534.03
FX 2019 Kite (2nd)
FX 2019 Kite (2nd)Cabrinha
$ 687.09
Neo 2019 (2nd)
Neo 2019 (2nd)Duotone Kiteboarding
$ 712.44
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