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Meteos 1 Windmeter Skywatch

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Skywatch Meteos 1 Wind meter

Floating wind and temperature meter of Skywatch

Selecting the best kite for your session is probably one of the most important choices you have to make every week. A wrong kite choice means a less good session. And a less good session means that you are still a bit grumpy from the wrong choice at home, so your folks at home will also love the Meteos 1 windmeter. With the Skywatch Meteos 1 wind met you know exactly how hard the wind blows and you can make the perfect kite choice!

The Skywatch Meteos 1 is the successor of the popular Skywatch Xplorer series of wind meters. The Skywatch Meteos 1 anemometer has a wind measuring range up to 42m / s (that's wind force 12), and measures the wind in km / h, mph, fps, knots and Beaufort. The Meteos 1 anemometer is very accurate, with an accuracy of 3%. Various measurements that the Meteos 1 wind meter can measure are the actual wind speed, maximum speed and average wind speed measurement. Besides the Meteos 1 the wind can also measure the temperature with this anemometer. The nice thing about this is that the Skywatch Meteos 1 can combine these two measurements and thus calculate the wind chill temperature The Skywatch Meteos 1 anemometer is compact and easy to carry. a nice thing about the Meteos 1 wind meter is that it floats and is watertight, you can take the Meteos 1 everywhere! The Skywatch Meteos 1, because of the unique design, doesn't need to be held directly in the wind direction to get a good measurement. The Meteos measures the wind independently of the direction. In short, ensure the perfect kite session through the right kite choice using the Skywatch Meteos 1 anemometer.

  • Floats
  • 235 grams
  • 2 AA battery power supply
  • Very long battery life (up to 3 years)
  • Temperature and wind speed
  • Measure average, maximum and current
  • Measure in km / h, mph, fps, knots, Beaufort
  • Feeling temperature meter
  • Up to wind force 12
  • Backlight
  • Compact

    JDC Skywatch Meteos 1 anemometer

  • Professional advice

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