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Fuel 2018 KiteSlingshot

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Slingshot Fuel 2018 Kite

Hardcore Freestyle

The Slingshot Fuel has been praised for years by its explosive power and big pop. This is a tough C-kite for advanced kite surfers. If you have just started, we strongly advise you not to go for this beast. The Fuel is very aggressive, but if you know how to tame this monster, you can go faster and higher than everyone else. This kite is the trendsetter when it comes down to unhooked action and insane kiteloops. It's one of the best freestyle kites on the market right now.

Slingshot Fuel 2018 Kite

The new 2018 Fuel has a very explosive power build-up. This gives you a lovely pop for handle passes, with nice slack to the bar. The Slingshot Fuel 2018 will not stall when your unhooked, so you can focus on the lift. He sits deep in the wind window for an ultimate pop. We probably don't have to explain that this kite is the king in the field for kiteloops, just watch the videos from pro kitesurfer Sam Light.

The Slingshot Fuel has a construction that can't be broken and is designed to last for years. This kite is one of the strongest kites on the market. Since the beginning, the Slingshot designer Tony Logosz made sure that the Fuel can take a punch. Of course, this is necessary in case of a heavy crash in 30+ knots. The Fuel is equipped with a 'one pump' system so you won't waste any unnecessary time getting yourself ready to hit the water and lift off!

  • Traditional C-kite
  • Legendary power
  • Many adjustment options
  • Very stable
  • Unhooked jumps +
  • Kiteloops +
  • Very strong construction
  • Split Strut technology
  • One pump system
  • 4 lines

    Slingshot Fuel 2018 Kite

    Slingshot Fuel 2018 Kite

    Slingshot Fuel 2018 Kite

    Slingshot Fuel 2018 Kite

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