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Misfit 2020 KiteboardSlingshot

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Slingshot Misfit 2020 Kiteboard

Allround freeride twintip kiteboard by Slingshot

If you have been involved in kitesurfing for a while then you know the Misfit. A super popular all-round freeride board for years. For 2020, Slingshot has made the Misfit even better with a number of good upgrades such as a new outline and a little more rocker. The new Slingshot Misfit 2020 is even more suitable as an all-round freeride than the Misfit already was.

The completely new Misfit is better than ever! The new outline of the Misfit ensures that you get a lot less spray in your face, so more control and better kitesurfing. With the new, higher rocker, you will experience soft landings when you are learning new tricks. We still see the cool Koroyd tips with wooden core construction from the Misfit. The thin Koroyd tips not only look great but also work as a shock absorber when you kite through choppy water. The Koroyd tips in combination with the wooden core provide the super comfortable kitesurfing properties of the Slingshot Misfit 2020.

At the bottom of the Slingshot Misfit 2020 are NACA Tech channels. These channels provide more grip and guide the water to the tail in a special way, making the Slingshot Misfit faster. You screw the bindings on the Slingshot Misfit into super strong and light carbon bedrock inserts, these are one of the strongest inserts on the market.
An all-round board, such as the Slingshot Misfit 2020, must of course last a long time because you will never get tired of this board. That is why the rail of the Slingshot Misfit is made of urethane. Urethane is extremely strong and is also used in skateboard wheels. This rail increases the lifespan of the Misfit enormously.

All these features and technical features of the Slingshot Misfit 2020 make it possible that it is one of the best all-round kiteboard that exists. A board that kites comfortably, jumps high, has a nice pop for basic tricks and will easily go upwind. A true all-rounder with a cool design. The Slingshot Misfit 2020 is a kiteboard you should definitely consider !

  • All-round | Freeride kiteboard
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Wooden core
  • Comfortable flex
  • New outline
  • Renewed gradual rocker
  • Koroyd tips
  • Urethane rail
  • Carbon bedrock inserts
  • Including 45mm G10 fins
  • 133 x 40 | 137 x 41 | 143 x 42 | 147 x 44

    Slingshot Misfit 2020 Kiteboard

    Slingshot Misfit 2020 Kiteboard

    Slingshot Misfit 2020 Kiteboard

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