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Raptor V1 2020 KiteSlingshot

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Slingshot Raptor V1 2020 Kite

Slingshot new all-round big air crossover kite

The Slingshot Raptor V1 is Slingshot's new flagship kite in 2020. A high performance freeride crossover kite for kite surfers who want massive air and unlimited hangtime, but also want to cruise on days with a little less wind with a kite without compromises . The Raptor is the new favorite kite from Tony Logosz (main kite design from Slingshot). "Go big or Go home!", That is what the new Slingshot Raptor stands for. If you go out with this beast during a stormy day you should not be afraid of heights!

The design of the new Slingshot Raptor shows that this is a kite designed for top performance in all conditions. The Slingshot Raptor V1 2020 has an open C-shape with five struts for the strongest possible profile, very nice when the wind is strong. With five struts, a kite can best keep its shape under the harshest conditions. In addition, Slingshot used a new canopy in 2020. This new canopy is 4x4 Teijin ripstop. The 4x4 ripstop kite canopy is super strong and stretches even less than the fabric used for this. By using this 4x4 ripstop canopy, the Slingshot Raptor V1 is more stable in the air, more directly and lasts longer.

A bridle system without pulleys is attached to the Raptor V1. The advantage of this is that the Slingshot Raptor gives you super good feedback on to the bar so you always know where the Raptor is in the wind window. Despite the absence of the pulleys, the Raptor still has a good depower and easily rides easy upwind. You can adjust the Slingshot Raptor 2020 to your own preference through different pre-set attatchement points on the kite. This way you can fine tune the Raptor on steering speed, power and kitesurfing style, just what you feel like doing that day.

Through the split strut system, the struts are integrated into the canopy of the Raptor. The advantage of this is that the kite is more stable in the air and the total canopy itself lasts longer. If the wind blows, every second counts, so you can pump the Slingshot Raptor V1 2020 super fast with the one-pump system from Slingshot. So what are you waiting for? If you are not afraid of a bit of height, the new Slingshot Raptor V1 2020 kite is a perfect choice!

  • All-round | Big Air | High performance kite
  • Five struts
  • 4x4 Teijin ripstop canopy
  • Open C design
  • No pulleys
  • Split strut
  • One pump
  • Easy fine tuning

  • Professional advice

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