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SST V5 2020 KiteSlingshot

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Slingshot SST V5 2020 Kite

Fifth generation Slingshot surf and foil kite

The Slingshot SST V5 2020 is the kite choice for surfers, foilers and directional kite surfers who love a kite with dirft "down-the-line", speed through the wind window and responsiveness. The Slingshot SST is just like tow-in surfing, enough power to get you in the right position on the wave and once on the wave (in the right position) the SST V5 drifts with like a feather. Enough time for you to surf the wave the way you want. Once you've surfed the wave of your life and put on the bar. The SST V5 immediately gives you enough power to surf the wave away and look for the next ride of your life! It is also these characteristics of drift and power at the right time that makes the Slingshot SST V5 a very fine kite to use for hydrofoiling, especially in the small sizes.

New to the Slingshot SST V5 2020 kite is the 4x4 Teijin ripstop cloth. This is the strength, stiffest and most durable kitesurf cloth on the market. The advantage of this is that your SST V5 lasts longer, is more stable in the air and is extra "bomb-proof". Really a super good upgrade from Slingshot for the new 2020 SST V5!

Also in 2020, the Slingshot SST V5 has its familiar three-strut compact C design. This shape gives you the perfect balance between friendly and direct response with stability and smooth "sheet-and-go" power. A super versatile shape for all conditions. The swept wingtips make sure that you can quickly relaunch the SST V5. That can come in handy if you have to get away quickly for a massive set of waves. The IRS bridle gives you a direct feeling with the kite and is super smooth in gusty conditions because of the use of a bungee system. You can adjust the Slingshot SST V5 to your own preferences in terms of power and handling speed through various points of attachment on the kite. The struts of the SST V5 2020 are super neatly integrated into the canopy with the Split-Strut system, this allows the air to flow undisturbed along the fabric of the kite and the SST V5 is extra stable in the air. Because you always want to get on the water as quickly as possible, the SST V5 has the one-pump system which was originally developed by Slingshot. So don’t wait any longer and order your new awesome Slingshot SST V5 wave kite today!

  • Wave | Foil kite
  • Three strut design
  • 4x4 Teijin ripstop
  • Fast relaunch
  • Excellent depower
  • IRS bridle
  • Personal adjustment
  • Split strut
  • 4 lines
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Dacron trailing edge

  • Professional advice

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