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Wetsuit Clean & Dry-system Bag Surflogic

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Wetsuit Clean & Dry-System Bag from Surflogic

Innovative waterproof bag to store and dry your wetsuit

In addition to the normal wetsuit dry bag, Surflogic has developed a great new innovative bag to store your wetsuit. This bag has a mesh water filter so that the water can leak from your wetsuit to a special deposit. The deposit has a valve to evacuate water. Because your wetsuit can already dry in the bag, your wetsuit will be totally dry before your next session The dry bag also protects your wetsuit and ensures that the rest of your belongings also stay neatly dry. The bag has a capacity of 30 liters.

  • 30 liters
  • 100% waterproof
  • Transparent
  • Clip closure
  • Mesh water filter
  • Collection & dry system
  • Size: 50 x 75 cm / 19.68 ”x 29.52”

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