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Wetsuit - Thermo Layers

Wetsuit accessories, everything you need for your wetsuit to keep it clean, to carry, to hang and to repair! And one of the greatest must-haves for kiting, lay straps! So you do not get more of those huge watery calves (water on your calves in your wetsuit) during kitesurfing.



Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger
Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit HangerNorthcore
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Wetsuit Accessories

There are a lot of accessories available for your wetsuit. For example, there are handy leg straps from Mystic that ensure that no water enters your calves. Or nice wetsuit pendants from Northcore where you can hang your wetsuit so that it does not stretch in a wrong way. Of course your wetsuit will also get a small scratch or hole once, an accident is quickly made. For this, various brands make wetsuit glue with which you can easily repair a small hole or tear in your wetsuit yourself.