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Wave V8 2019 Kite Airush

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Airush Wave V8 2019 Kite

Wave kitesurf kite

Available from August. Pre order now and be the first to ride with the new Airush Wave V8 2019!

When Airush releases a new version of the kite, you can be sure that it is better than its predecessor, as is the new Airush Wave V8 2019. The Airush Wave V8 has a wonderful drift and improved steering characteristics. With the Wave V8 you are going to shred sick waves and you can, if you prefer, put a thick snap on the lip or let the Wave V8 drift with you so you have a amazing pure surf feeling!

This is already the 8th version of the Wave and this version has some notable changes compared to the previous V7 Wave. Something you will immediately notice is that the Airush Wave V8 2019 comes with two totally different bridle options: a fixed and a pully bridle option. With the fixed bridle option, you have a very direct feeling with the Airush Wave V8, this is an option that you will use a lot if you like powerd wave riding. The other option, the pully option, is perfect for waver riding with more depower to get the real surf feeling. De pully option also makes makes it very easy to "switch" on and off the power in you kite and it is the better option to have a good control of your kite in depowerd situations. This way you can perfectly control the power in your kite and, for example, less power when you are about to snap the lip of the wave ride along with less power to feel the wave.

The wing tip of the Airush Wave V8 2019 is a bit more square than the previous version. Because of the new profile, the new Airush V8 has faster steering characteristics and is more stable in the gusty conditions. The Wave V8 is super strong and light due to the use of the Airush Load Frame and Airush WebTech. The Airush Load Frame is a web of strong dyneema seams that have been added to the Wave"s canopy, this makes sure the fabric is less stretchy and extra strong. WebTech connects points where there is a lot of pressure on the kite, for example the front line attatchment points, with the Load Frame in order to absorb the pressure on those spots. All this ensures that the least amaount of dacron is used in the kite and the total weight remains low which benefits the flight characteristics.

The new Airush Wave V8 2019 is designed for every wave surf style and with the new bridle options to adjust the kite to your favorite riding style to surf hard!

  • Direct or pully bridle option
  • Improved drift and steering behavior
  • Airush LoadFrame
  • WebTech technology
  • Large valve
  • Technoforce D2 double ripstop cloth
  • Super strong construction
  • Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 meters

    Airush Wave V8 2019

    Airush Wave V8 2019

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