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Boomer 2020 Surfboard Brunotti

€899.00 539.00

Brunotti Boomer 2020 Surfboard

Easy directional surfboard from Brunotti

The Brunotti Boomer is an ideal surfboard for the small and messy waves that you will often encounter in the North Sea. The Boomer is not a super difficult surfboard to ride so it is also very suitable for beginners. The thin fish tail and sharp rails make the Boomer snappy and easy to turn. The thruster vin setup with future vinboxes gives you a grip and keeps you agile at the same time. The fins are supplied with the surfboard. The volume is mostly hidden in the back of the board, which makes it easy to make speed.

The construction of the Boomer consists of a sandwich construction with a high density PVC foam in combination with fiberglass and carbon rails. Where you mainly stand with your feet on the deck, the Boomer is even more reinforced. The Boomer is also suitable for kitesurfing with straps. All in all, the Boomer is a super fun surfboard that will give you every confidence to start your wave career!

  • Directional surfboard
  • All-round | Beginner
  • Thruster vin setup
  • Futures vin boxes
  • Carbon rails
  • Suitable for straps
  • Including fins and tailpad
  • 5’8 x 19’ x 2 3/8 | 27.1L
  • 6’0 x 19 3/16 x 23/8 | 28L

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