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Buster 2018 kiteboardBrunotti

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Brunotti Buster 2018 kiteboard


Whether you prefer to hang behind a cable or want ride unhooked with your kite, the 2018 Buster is made for wakestyle tricks. The Brunotti Buster 2018 has a durable layer at the bottom which gives the board extra protection against the obstacles. This allows you to glide over the most insane obstacles. The Buster also has channels, so you can ride the Buster 2018 without any fins.

The Buster is strong, very strong! This is because the Buster has an extra strong middle section, with more flex in the nose for those 'nosepresses'. The ADR rails prevent your board from breaking during all your wakestyle moves and tricks. The Brunotti Buster has a nice rocker and a big pop so you can perform all your tricks. Yet the Buster has a nice flex so you won't get pain on your knees after a couple of tricks. Although you better ride the Buster 2018 with shoes.

  • Wakestyle kiteboard
  • Made to glide over obstacles
  • Extra strong
  • Big pop

  • Professional advice

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