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Dimension 2021 Kiteboard Brunotti

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Brunotti - Dimension Wood 2021 Kiteboard

Sweet Allround Twintip for all the fun from Brunotti

The Dimension Wood 2021 Kiteboard probably the most versatile Twintip from Brunotti. No matter if you enjoy freeriding, jumping or freestyle tricks, the Brunotti Dimension 2021 will put a smile on your face. The CNC wood core gives the Dimension Wood 2021 Kiteboard naturally characteristics, we all like about kiteboards - it is robust and stiff but also flexible at the same time.

The Brunotti Dimension Wood 2021 Kiteboard is molded in one piece, which creates a unique torsional flex making the board very comfortable to ride in every condition. The Dimensions Active Backbone contributes to this characteristic and additionally allows you to create a great pop and controlled take offs. Thanks to the shallow rocker line of the Dimension Wood 2021 Twintip, you can ride upwind like no other even in choppy conditions and create great pop very easily. Further, the Dimension´s Tourque Equalizer gives the Board a great torsional stiffness. Therefore, you get maximum control and you can ride upwind in no time with the Dimension Wood 2021.

To create even more pop and control, the Dimension Wood 2021 has DRS Tech (diamond shaped) rails, which ensure a lot of grip. That makes take offs more controllable and will bring your performance on a new level. Last but not least, the Brunotti Dimension Wood has a double concave and double channels on the bottom, which give you extra ability to hold your edge, either for jumping or riding upwind. You see, the Brunotti Dimension Wood 2021 Kiteboard has it all - free ride, freestyle, high jumps - there are no limits anymore (at least as far as your gear is concerned ;)). Details
  • Allround Freeride | Freestyle
  • Flat rocker line
  • CNC Wood Core
  • DRS Tech Rails
  • Hyperbolic Chassis
  • Torque Equalizer
  • Active Backbone
  • Double Channel
  • Double Concave
  • Including G-10 Twintip Fins
  • Available Sizes: 137-41 / 141-42 / 145-43

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