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Gravity Backpack Brunotti

Brunotti Gravity Backpack

Waterproof backpack with a capacity of 22 liters

The Brunotti Gravity Backpack is a super handy backpack to take your wet kitesurfing gear such as your wetsuit and poncho with you. The Gravity backpack has a capacity of 22 liters, which is just enough to put in a wetsuit and poncho. To ensure that the backpack is waterproof, it is made of coated ripstop and the seams are welded together. You do the Gravity backpack by folding the top a few times and clicking the ends together. This way you can be sure that no water can get into the backpack. Because the Gravity bag can be worn as a backpack, you could also use it to take things with you during a downwinder.

  • Waterproof backpack
  • 22L content
  • Coated ripstop
  • Welded seams

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