Smartshell Youri Zoon 2018 HarnessBrunotti

Brunotti Smartshell Youri Pro Granite Green 2018

The Smartshell waist harness for any pro!

The lightweight Smartshell from Brunotti comes in 2018 in a special Pro version, the Youri Pro 2018. A new granite green color with a crazy design. Of course just as comfortable and lightweight as the previous model. All the excess weight has been stripped to offer you with the most effective harness possible, with all the support you need during a kitesurf session.

The Youri Pro Smartshell 2018 is made to fit seamlessly to your body. Over time, the Youri Pro will fit even better. The power of your kite is evenly distributed over your body for ultimate control and comfort. Of course, this 2018 Brunotti Smartshell Youri Pro granite green 2018 comes with a detachable HP system.

  • Youri Pro Granite Green 2018
  • 360 smart frame for perfect fit
  • Lightweight construction
  • CTC mass reduction
  • Doesn't absorb moisture
  • Pre-formed
  • EVA grip
  • Comfortable spreader bar
  • Including detachable HP system
  • Nice finishing touch

    Brunotti Smartshell Youri Pro Granite Green 2018

  • Professional advice

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