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Youri Pro 2020 Kiteboard Brunotti

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Youri Pro 2020 Brunotti Kiteboard

Youri Zoon's favorite kiteboard

You don't have to be Youri Zoon to love Brunotti's Youri Pro twin tip. But if you've ever seen Youri kiting, you know what big tricks, pop and big air this signature kiteboard has to offer. The kiteboard was designed by Youri together with Brunotti with a focus on a few essential features that the somewhat advanced kitesurfer dreams of: pop, control and 'smooth' landings.

If you look at the shape of the Brunotti Youri pro you can see where these characteristics come from. There are deep channels in the tail of the Youri twintip, there are also two 'rail channels' on the rail. When you ride at high speed you have a lot of pressure on your back foot, just before your big air pop you exert even more pressure on the tail of your kiteboard, the last thing you want is for the tail of your kiteboard to lose grip. With the Youri Pro this is almost impossible. After that nice jump, or first railey, you naturally want to land comfortably. That's why the Your Pro kiteboard has a bulge in the middle of the bottom (so called bottom diffuser) of the kiteboard to break the water after your tricks and jumps for super comfortable landings and controlled landings. Ideal for when you want to quickly take your kitesurfing level to the next level!

The kiteboard has a CNC wooden core, which gives the board its characteristics. The wooden core give the kiteboard a nice flex. The kiteboard also has carbon fibers. This makes the twintip stronger and stiffer. But also provides a more explosive pop after hard edging. The rail is made of a strong ABS.

The Brunotti Your Pro kiteboard is available in two sizes: 136 x 41 and 140 x 42. The Splitter fins are included with each board.

  • Allround | Freestyle | big air
  • CNC wooden core
  • Carbon stringers
  • Tail channels
  • Rail channel
  • Bottom diffuser
  • Perfect control
  • High performance
  • Good doll

    Youri Pro 2020 Brunotti Kiteboard

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