Apollo 2018 KiteCabrinha

Cabrinha Apollo 2018 Kite

Freeride / Lowwind / Race

The Cabrinha Apollo is the hangtime legend of Cabrina and will give you a lot of fun if you like freeriding. The smaller sizes offer a crazy amount of lift and hang time while doing a jump, the larger sizes have a huge low-end power with a big wind range. The Cabrinha Apollo 2018 is the most efficient kite from the Cabrinha collection. If you want to stay in the air for a long time, this kite is your best friend up there.

The Apollo 2018 has the flattest arc of all tube kites on the market. This makes it's low-end and hangtime unparalleled. The Apollo has a superior wind range. In addition, the Cabrinha Apollo 2018 has very good upwind performance and a light steering behavior.

  • Most efficient kite from the Cabrinha range
  • Race monster
  • Hangtime ++
  • Flys very fast
  • High Aspect Ratio
  • Good depower and relaunch
  • Good for Foil kiting

  • Professional advice

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